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Yoush Village

Forest and the sea of Mazandaran on one side, its mountain villages on the other side! Roads that pass through the mountains of Alborz, like the snake, the patch and the ghosts of the Alborz mountains and reach the villages with well-lit roofs, are nothing to beat. Is there anyone in the world who does not want to go even above the clouds and look at the sky from the sky? The Yoshui tourist village and the famous Abperi road are one of those roads and villages that go and get to it, it’s something like a dream, giving the tourists the most nuanced experience of traveling to mountainous areas.


The road known as the Abpery is not just an access path to reach the destination. It is itself a tourist attraction. 3,000 meters above sea level, and its patches and bends are even higher than the clouds. The magnificent views of the middle Alborz mountains and the summit of Damavand, among them, the bungalows with colorful ceilings of their homes and the vegetation varying in height, are the most beautiful scenery that you may encounter. The waterfall road starts from the Caspian forests of Royan City. Passes through the waterfall of Abpery and then reaches the mountain range, and then goes downhill and ends at Beldeh. Of course, this is one of the paths that ends with Yosh and Blahde. You can reach Baldeh and Yosh from the Thousand Road and also from the Chalous Road. In fact, if we consider the Thousand Road and Chalous Road as two parallel lines, Baldeh is located on a road linking these two to one another. The Abpery subway road is also parallel to the Chalous Road and the Thousand Road and connects the beach to the mountain. Consider the trip to Mazandaran, which we have suggested to you, after visiting the Naha’barod and Chalous and leaving the Nowshahr and the Sinsangan forests. From the Creek, go ahead to Baleh Road and after passing through the forest road and visiting the waterfall and watching the world from above the clouds, travel to Baladeh and then Yushu.

Yush is a tourist village. The weather has a long history and the biggest factor of its reputation is its inheritance, Nima Yushi. Nima Yushij is one of the most renowned contemporary poets and father of the Persian poetry, who revolutionized Iranian literature. His ancestral home is located in the village of Yosh, and now this beautiful and masterly home has turned into the Nima tomb and also the Museum of Anthropology. Yosh’s Flies, the climate and its beautiful landscape are somewhat beautiful and dreamy, which makes ordinary people a poet and delicate.

Access methods

According to our trip to Mazandaran province, after visiting the tourist and modern village of Naha Abroad, head east along the coast. Look at the Caspian Sea on the left and the woods on your right and enjoy yourself. Go from Chalous and Noshahr. Get to Sysenghan forest. Take a walk in the woods and enjoy the diversity of trees. Then re-run the road and bring yourself to the Emperor. From here, your path to the sea is not parallel. You must go to the south and go to the Alborz mountains. This train path does not exist. Also, no buses pass through this road. So, there are two ways: from the beginning of a trip from Naha Harbood, rent a car from the car agency to the driver and go to Yoshh completely. Or get Chalous taxi from the salt bar. Take Chalous yourself by taxi to Nowshahr. At the Nowshahr terminal, take light taxis and tell the driver before you reach the light in your embryo. Rent a car from Royan City to take you from the Nephra Road to Belde and then to Yosh. The second way is more trouble. Tired of it, and also in terms of cost, it’s not much different from renting a car from the start of the trip.

Nearby attractions

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King’s Garden

The old cemetery of Yush village

Best viewing time

The best time to visit Yosh village is from the Baladeh route, the summer season. Due to high altitude, the air cools along the path. This coolness of the air makes the journey more enjoyable in the summer. Due to high altitude, it is not advisable to travel on this route during cloudy and rainy days. In addition to the road hazards because of the foggy nature of the area, the pristine and natural scenery of the road is far away from the point of view, which reduces the attractiveness of the journey. The sunny days of summer and spring are the best time to travel to Beldeh on the Nepris road.

Hours and crowds

The road that begins from the embankment (Alameda al-Anj) and ends with a belt, is a mountainous and asphalted path, which is often very quiet, and many travelers do not travel this route. Do not worry about road bustle. The visit to Nima Yushi’s house also takes place on the Norouz holidays (March) as well as during the summer more than other days of the year.


The Museum of Anthropology of Nima Yushi’s house is open throughout the year except for mourning days on the occasion of martyrdom. On days when less tourists come to the village, you might see the museum closed. Hit The guardian and the guardian of the house reside in the same suite and can open the door for you.


In the Yoshida village, you can find small shops that sell traditional and indigenous food such as livestock, beetroot, and honey. There is also a Nima WC in your house that you can use. It’s better to know that there are Iranian baths in the rooms and there is no service room. Yosh and Baldeh have no hotels.Therefore, the only option for the nightingales, staying at home in the villagers is the same range that the hand and soul of the game, will provide their homes to travelers. Even if you know enough equipment and know the principles of camping in nature, you can spend the night in the nature around the village. Tenting is not prohibited in this area.


The average air temperature in Baladeh (and Yosh) is 22 degrees Celsius in the warmest month of the year, and in the coolest month of February (February) is 0 degrees Celsius. Of course, at 3,000 m high heights, the temperature is much lower than this. Also, the absolute temperature is not equal to the average temperature. So there are warmer and cooler days. In general there are about 10 degrees of temperature difference between the belldeed and the alpine heights.

The duration of the visit

It takes about 3 hours to get from Blanchard to Blade. There is also about 15 minutes from Baladeh to the village of Yush. The visit to the house lasts about 30 minutes. Walking in the alley of the village gardens can vary from one quarter to a quarter, depending on your desire. Altogether, taking into account the route you are considering for the next destination, you must devote one full day to this trip and end the day with your visit to the village of Larjan.

Safety tips and warnings

The most prominent feature of Yosh, the Museum of Anthropology, is Nima Yoshiege’s birthplace. The house is a beautifully decorated fairy-tale full of deceptive roles. The principle belongs to the Qajar era, about 250 years ago, and has been restored over time. When you visit the site, there are a few points to note: Look at the ceiling of the rooms. Each room has unique decorations on its ceiling and wooden beams. Also, do not neglect the visit of the poet’s personal counterpart. His photos hang on the wall in different situations and situations. Remember that the tomb of Nima, her sister, as well as the person who collects Nima’s poems and turns it into books, is also in the middle of this beautiful building. Photography has no obstacles. Enjoy the countryside and its silence and beauty. Yush does not have a restaurant. Or take your own meal or go to Baleh to eat. At alpine heights, the air is at least 10 degrees centigrade less than Beldø and Yoshh. Even in the summer, the air is cool. So have a good cover. The village is located at the foot of the mountain and therefore the alley of its gardens is sloping. Get the right shoes.

Distance to residential centers

You can also use rural homes and travel to hotels and resorts to stay. According to our plan, to travel to Mazandaran, after visiting Yosh and Baldeh and enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains, go to the Thousand Road. When the Beldeh subway road reaches the Thousand Road, take the Tehran route and continue as long as possible to reach the Goznak area. On the right side of the road, look for the Larijan and Rhine spa signs, and follow the signs and arrows.

Due to the charter we have provided for your trip to Mazandaran, the two-star Lotus Lahijan Hotel can be a good place to stay. Of course, in the village of Larijan, you will have a room and a suite for rent.


Walking in the alley of gardens in the countryside

Photography of mountainous nature

Relaxation and meditation with natural elements

Relaxing Relax

Birdwatch with cameras