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When you travel to Iran, you’ll find 6 surprised things ….

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1- Calendar:

Iranian use 3 different calendars (The solar calendar, Gregorian calendar and
Islamic Calendar).
The official calendar is the solar calendar. It is one of the longest chronological
records in human history. Its start has been changed several times. This year is
1399 now.
The new year begins within the day 21 or 20 March within the start of spring
and the time the sun enters Aries every day. It’s Nowruz.
Nowruz is Persian speaking people a new year for more than 7000 years. It
marks the first day of the new year. Nowruz celebration in Iran and Persian
speaking people is one of the most important traditional events every year.
Today Nowruz celebrate in Iran, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan,
Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UN in NYC every year.

The Islamic calendar is used for religious ceremonies.


The first day of a week is Saturday. If you have any appointment on Saturday, it
means every official office work. The week starts on Saturday and ends on

3-Car driving:

If you are used to driving calm, you’ll be surprised when you visit Iran. Car
drivers and motorcycle drivers drive amazing and different. Don’t worry, no
tourist has been injured.

4-Women’s suffrage in Iran:

You should know, the right Women to vote in Iran is from 1951. The Iranian
women have a car driving license from 80 years ago. Some taxi driver or even
you see some of the bus driver is a woman in Iran. One of them has been
elected for one of the best motorcycle drivers in 2015. The female students of
universities are more than male in Iran every year. The only Iranian owner of
Nobel prize is a woman.

5-Iranian food, A rainbow of flavors, an excuse to travel

Iranian food is different from Indian or Arabian food. They are one of the most
delicious kinds of food in around the world.
The Traditional food of Iranian cities. Almost all provinces have their own
special and delicious food. Also, some traditional and authentic Iranian food is
common in all cities. These foods include Abgoosht, fesnjan and tahchin.
Sometimes, the same foods are cooked in different cities with different
ingredients and methods.

6-Top 10 Iran souvenirs

1-rug 6-Khatam
2-Giveh 7-Pottery
3-Traditional textile 8-Toreutics
4-dried fruit 9-Turquoise
5-vitreous enamel 10-saffron

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