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Unique Souvenirs and Handicrafts of Iran’s Qeshm Island

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Qeshm is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf with many natural, cultural and tourist attractions. The island is considered a tourist hub with great capacity to attract more domestic and foreign travellers.

In addition to the fascinating nature of the Global Geopark of Qeshm Island and its historical sites, food and crafts make the trip to the island in the Persian Gulf more joyful.

Qeshm’s souvenir and handicraft world is full of colourful, vibrant food and hand-made structures that add to the wonder of traveling to the Island.

Qeshm’s Famous Dishes

Variety of local breads, dates, and delicious spices from the red soil of Hormuz Island have delicious flavours. Cakes and southern Masghati are some of the popular dishes of Qeshm Island.

Local Breads of Qeshm

Everywhere in Qeshm, you can see women preparing bread. These breads are of different types and various spices and sauces are used to cook them. Tomshi is one of them; a type of thin bread that is prepared with eggs, cheese, Mahyaveh or Souragh. Mahyaveh is a sauce made from sardines and Souragh is a sauce in which the red soil of Hormuz Island is used as a spice. Cheese bread is another bread most commonly found in shops. This bread is eaten in Qeshm at breakfast and has a pleasant taste.

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