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Foreign Tour Operators Amazed by Safe and Modern Iran

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Representative of 17 foreign travel agencies after a Famtrip to Iran country. Filled with admiration for the safety, cleanliness and modern infrastructures.


An Iranian tour operator organized on a week-long Fam trip (familiarization trip). A group of 17 people from the travel agencies of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Peru and China visited Iran. ISNA reported what the foreign travel agents realized at the end of the trip. It was that Iran is by far more modern, cleaner, and also calmer than what the media tries to portray.

The main reason of Iran tours reductions:

The Fam trip organized amid a reduction in the number of tours of Iran. That is which US threats and its attempt to misrepresent Iran as a nation on the brink of war mainly caused it. Moreover, the recent unrest in Iran in the wake of a rise in the fuel price apparently discouraged many foreign travel agencies to operate tours of Iran.

Foreign travel agencies opinion about Iran:

In the meantime, Julian, the representative a Spanish travel agency visiting Iran in the Fam trip who says the unrest and protests are not unusual in the world. Noting that Spain, France and even Lebanon experienced protests. “We all continue life and the tourists are still coming.”

One of the other people attending the Fam trip was the manager of a Portuguese travel agency, named Joao. “I was in Iran, and my clients surprised that I travelled to such a country and constantly asked about the safety in there. I sent videos of the streets and people to show that everything is safe, but they hardly believed it,” he added.

Fam trip organizer ideas:

The organizer of the Fam trip said 30 people initially invited to take part in the event. But some of them preferred to exercise caution and postponed their trip. So that 17 people took part in the Fam trip ultimately.

“Iran was beyond the group’s expectations from the hotels to the restaurants. They did not think at all that Iran may have a modern city or a single modern hotel. Everything was incredible for them. Even about the news of unrest that they heard, asked where this happened that everything is calm. This was even strange to their clients how the manager of travel agency could go to Iran under such circumstance. This is which operate a tour of that country,” the Fam trip organizer added.

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