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Expectancy means Omid in the Persian language. It’s the name of the famous Siberian in-love
crane which is travelling to Iran every year.

Omid the last survivor of the western population of the Siberian crane came to Iran this year as
well. Last year, Omid landed again in Fereydoun Kenar for the eleventh time around the
morning of November 2020. But this time he started his journey a month earlier and was
observed on the morning of October 2020 in Fereydunkenar. In this article from Iran tours
magazine, we will introduce you more to the Siberian Crane, Omid. Omid has been flying to Iran
for more than ten years this year, apart from his counterparts and without his friends, along the
long Siberian route to the Fereydunkenar wetlands. We were happy to see this old crane in the
beautiful nature of Fereydoun Kenar this year as well.
If you are with us in this article until the end, you will read the story of Omid crane, the only
surviving crane entering Iran. You can also follow the pictures of this bird with #Siberian_Dorna
on social networks.

The story of the journey of the Siberian White Crane.

The Siberian crane, known as "Omid", is now famous not only in Iran but all over the world. This
loving bird still travels this long way alone, remembering its lost mate, and has become a
symbol of hope. Hope to rebuild life or hope not to destroy memory and a generation of
migratory birds of Iran that hurts every heart. For this reason, birdwatchers and nature lovers
have called the name of this faithful drone Omid. If you are interested in bird watching and you
want to see such a pure bird, you can increase your information with an article called bird
watching in Iran.
Let's go back to twelve years ago. In 2007, three Siberian white cranes returned to the wetlands
of Iran, where one of the cranes was hunted. Then in 2008, two other cranes, which were in
pairs, flew a long distance from Siberia and landed in Fereydunkenar.
Cranes are monogamous birds. At that time, the female pair lost her life for some reason (many
believe that she was also hunted) and the male pair was left alone. The following year, there
was no surviving male deer. Until two years after 2008, we witnessed the re-entry of Omid into
Iran. Later, with the behaviour that the male pair showed in the following years, the name of
this pair of Crane birds was called "Hope and Wish". Omid, who is currently the only survivor of
his race on this flight route, returns to Fereydunkenar wetlands every year and revives hope in
the hearts of nature lovers.

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