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Until now our tourists feedback were sent to our Email address, but we preferred that travelers write their experience at the following page. Anyway, here is our clients feedback form, comments and objection from before to evaluate our services:

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

A special word for Fatima Tavajoh who was always there to answer our questions and help us

with everything, and for Mansour Kashravani, the best guide we could ever had.

Thank you for the unforgettable time with had in your beautiful country.
We will be back.
Luis & Jose

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Finally I organised my Pictures and filled in the Feedback form. I was very happy with your Organisation and my Driver. Short: I spend a great, very interesting time in Iran.
Best regards

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

news abroad about Iran is always on the nuclear issue and trade embargo to the extent that everything Iranian is shrouded in mystery.

 having visited and traversed Iran from south to Tehran enabled me to witness a lot of attractive features about its people, culture and history.

best regards

Paul Hsieh

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Fatima,

Very glad to receive a letter from you!
We are doing well, I hope you are doing well too!
Everything was good on the  our tour, 
Tourists were very happy with the guide  you provided.
The only negative impression was about the hotel in Yazd, as the tourists were lodged in some apartment across the street from the hotel and it was awful. But I booked this hotel myself through the online system. 

Why did the hotel receptionist do that- I don’t know

In any case, it was a pleasure to work with you and I will contact you again.

I wish you all the best!!!

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Fati,
please find my feedback letter.
Thank you for organizing a nice tour  and good luck
All the best to Iran and all of you.

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Hello Fatima

Hello Iran tours 

I  just took a trip to Iran with 9 days and 8 nights, I mean from my surprise with the country and with the support of iran tours, it was sensational, I’m thinking about returning to Iran, we like it very much , my wife and I. it was a wonderful walk with many stories and memories of a country unknown to us. It is my 95th country already visited and I can say that many should know Iran, safe, kind and very affectionate. Thank you very much, were wonderful guides, whether the Mehed or Farhat. thank you very much. 
Thank You again 
José Antônio Carim
from Brazil

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Good morning Fati,

I have comment about Pardis Travel and your services in Google.
We strongly recommend the services of the guides Darush and Mehrbod and the
driver Hadi. They are very helpful and attentive.
We had very pleasant days together.


Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Hi Fati

How are you.  I bet it is hot there now!!!  You were completely correct in warning us about the heat of summer – June was hot enough without even contemplating what it must be like now!
I have posted a letter to you (attached), giving my review of the hotels, guides and transport options, as requested, and enclosing all the photos from our trip (including most of Alice’s) on a DVD so you can choose any you like.  It should arrive within the week, so keep an eye out for it.  If you want to track it, you can do so at with a tracking number of EW200650457AU.  I hope it arrives.
We had the most wonderful trip, thanks to you.  I am seriously considering coming back, if it is possible, and traveling north of Tehran, including Armenia and Georgia.  Of course, I will consult you if this becomes a more solid possibility.
My very warmest regards and thanks

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

I used Irantours travel agency services which satisfied my needs.
loved the friendly and hospitality people, tour guide Nasrin and operator Fatima were great with happiness to choose them.
My very warmest regards and thanks

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Fatima,

First of all, let us please thank you for all you help, assistance and organisation of the tour! We are very grateful you were with us during all those days travelling in Iran. You organised for us with no doubt remarkable and pefect trip! Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by our Tehran guide adn you and felt this warm welcome until the very end of the trip. Iran was such a friend to us, what a wonderful experience! The guides were professional, flexible (appreciate that) and kind to all our needs and questions. we were treated with wonderful meals, used our free time for shopping and exploring around. 

You chose right destinations for the first time for us in Iran, and we hope we will be back!

Please see  my feedback also in the attached file. 

And if you dont mind, let me share my personal thought regarding the end of the tour. Unfortunately, this perfect impression has been spoiled by a few moments which i describe below. 

Regarding meal for the guide. I thought it has been already included in the contract price, and this is between you and the guide to agree on it. Unfortunately, when being in Isfahan, we were informed by the guide that we should pay for all meals of the guide. This was surprising. Weird, we found out about it only in the middle of the tour. We had nothing to say in that situation – we agreed to pay. So Ok, if we pay, we choose the place. Right? But we did not choose the place, we were absolutely relying on the guide even when he recomьended us food. Finally, in Kashan we told the guide we have limited cash money, and let’s choose smth cheap. In the result we did not have lunch at all and drove to Tehran. 

Regarding the end of the tour. Based on the program the whole day of 16 October should have been devoted to Kashan as our flight was only at night. We left Isfahan for Kashan early in the morning hoping to spend time there, have lunch, go to bazaar – so to say see the sights. Unfortunetly, we spent about 3 hours there and went to Tehran. Our flight was at 2.30 am. The guide took us at the airport at 5 pm, said goodbye and left. We were hungry, he seemed tired and wanted to go home obviously. So we were staying at the airport understanding we had a loooot of hours left till our flight. He did not offer us any alternatives to spend time – he recommended to use a train to Tehran city center – ‘just to kill the time’. We needed something to eat. we understood that we could not use taxi  – it needed a lot more money, We stayed in the airport, and spent 6!!! hours in Novotel restaurant. Only after in Russia i undestood that we mostly did not see Kashan because the guide just failed to show it to us by his own reasons. He knew we had a late flight, we could leave Isfahan later, at 12 pm for example, spend more hours in Kashan and be exactly in the right time in the airport. 

I may undestand he was tired, of course, This is hard to drive, guide and speak and talk. But we were not so demanding tourists, we let him free alsmost in the middle of the day. 

Please once again accept our greatest thanks for everything you did for us! We will absolutely recommend you as a tour agency to our friends! 

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

Maria and Natalia 


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