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Palangan village

Palangan village located in Kurdistan in west of Iran. This unique village well-known for its unique style of architecture and also its springs, waterfalls and other natural attractions.

Palangan is on the valley sides where its houses made with stone and generally in a staircase and the bottom of the house is the roof of the other house.

Palangan Village History

With the arrival of Cyrus the Great, many Jews cast into the castle of the Palangan village and lived for many years in the castle. There were works of Jewish cemeteries near the garden of Sheikh Omar Palangan.

Local residents of this part of the castle, the name of the neighborhood is Moses or the neighborhood of the Jews. Later Zoroastrians were in this castle.

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Palangan Religion

When the Muslims invaded Iran, they attacked Palangan castle, either. About three months, Muslims surrounded the castle which captured finally.

But Muslims did not force the inhabitants of the castle to accept Islam. For centuries people of Palangan Village stayed on their old religion which was the same religion as “Yari ‘al-Haq“, a branch of Zoroastrianism.

Palangan Castle

Palangan Village is 15 km far from the city of Kamyaran and the beginning of the Uraman region. It is in 800 meters height of the village in the beautiful Tangier Valley and in the foothills of Sheikh Alaeddin, Sheikh Khatun and Sheikh Omar, Palangan Castle. Now its rooms, fire temples and old bridges.

Palangan Nomadic Migration

The warm weather summer and the spring of Palangan caused the nomadic migration to the altitudes of this village. It accompanied by the implementation of many traditional Kurdish nomadic performances such as Geryan, Chapalah, and Siachamanah, attracting many tourists to this village.

Palangan Entertainments

Horse riding, bustling, barbers, Kusha Kusha and Chuck Chuck are the local games of the Palangan. That take place in non-working days like autumn and winter in most of the alleys and landscapes of the village.

Palangan Village is one of the 7 targeted villages in Kurdistan province which after undergraduate studies turns into a tourist village without any changes in its texture.

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