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Oraman Flat

The village of Uraman has become famous for the Kurdistan Masuleh because of its palatial structure. This amazing village has a rich history, art and literature. The Oraman structure is a staircase. The courtyard is a low roof building.

The presence of pristine springs and rivers, the spectacular views of nature, and the unique ritual ceremony of Pierre Schalier has added to the attractiveness of the village.

Ouman and its surroundings are the most important historical and historical area of ​​Kurdistan province. According to experts, the area has more than 3000 years. The people of this country, using local materials such as wood and stone, built their houses in a traditional way without using any kind of mortar. If you visit this village, you can see houses dating back to the age of 900 years, despite the simple materials used in making them still in place. The village of Oruman Takht is the village center of Oramanat. Unlike its name, Oraman is not flat and flat, but in a very rugged mountainous area. The people of this region believe that the Oraman Flat was once a large city that had its own central location. That’s why Oraman is called the flat or the headquarters of the Oraman region. Orumanat people are famous for the art of decoration.

Early Shaliar Celebrations

In the village of Oruman Takht, a great celebration is celebrated on Wednesday afternoon, which is known as the Pir Shalayar wedding ceremony, and lasts for up to three days. According to legends, “Pierre Schulier” is an old-fashioned man with the name of Kramat and extraordinary power. One of his miraculous works was healing the “Shah Bahar Khatun” daughter of Shah Bukhara.

According to myths, Shah Bahar Khatoon was a chorus and mute, and the physicians were unable to cure him. After a while, the prominence of Pir Shaliar reaches Bukhara. The uncle of the king goes along with the attendant to Oraman to meet Pier Shalayar and treat Gang’s daughter. When they arrive near the old house, the hearing girl is opened and her tongue opens. After this incident, the Shah protested to her daughter during the grand ceremony of Pierre Shalayar.

The ritual ceremony of Piran Shalayar, which is being held today, is actually the anniversary of the wedding day.

In these three days all the people will close their work. Many animals are slaughtered at the ceremony, and a portion of the meat spreads it as a tribute to the people. The other part uses meat to cook the meals. Many people attend the ceremony and begin to dance and rejoice along with the dance and the vocal of teens, young people and old men, all of whom make great chains. On the third day, unlike the first two days of the ceremony, until dawn, they continue to dance all night long and spend the night at Pier Shalayar’s house. On the last night, the speakers transmit beliefs and beliefs about Pirhslayer to the people with religious and mystical material.


The driest month is June with 0 mm of rain. In February, the precipitation reaches its peak, with an average of 172 mm.

July is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in July averages 27.3 ° C. With an average temperature of 0.4 ° C, avalanche is the coldest month of the year.

Access to the Uraman Flat

  • The Oraman village is 75 km from Marivan and is located in the southeastern part of the country. 30 km of the entire path is asphalt, and the rest is dirt. If you take Marivan about half an hour to Sanandaj, you will arrive in the famous Hizbullah way. From here you should turn towards the village of Oruman.The Oraman Road has been created on the slopes of the beautiful mountains.

Accommodation in Oraman Flat

  • There are several options for accommodation in this area. You can use the Zarivar four star hotel, which is located next to Diazhe Zarivar. The next two stars are Zariwar Beach. There are several other hotels inside Marivan. The Pearl Hotel is located next to the border market. Oraman Flat is also available at Oramanat Stone Hotel.

Nearby attractions

  • The famous Bell Bell Springs is located next to the wonderful Hajij Village and 36 km from Uraman Takht Village. Water is considered to be the best mineral water in the world.

    River Seiruan River

    Lake Zarivar

Time required to visit

  • If you go from Sanandaj or Marivan, you can visit this village one day. Otherwise, you can stay in the Oraman Hotel for several days from the various areas of the village and attractions around it.

important points

  • The best time to visit Oraman is from late March to early October.

    Wear suitable shoes for walking in rocky or rocky areas.

    You may experience cooler nights. Have a decent dress.

    One of the best handicrafts in the Gyewh area is a kind of shoe.