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In the middle East, Iran is a civilization with thousands of years of history and culture. Also arts and crafts, rich hospitality, and breathtaking nature. In the past three decades, Iran has been host to tourists from across the globe who contested to this fact that Iran is beautiful, hospitable, and safe to visit.

Protests Affection On The Tourism Industry

Like so many developing countries, Iran has gone and will go through many changes and challenges. Due to the current event, we saw demonstrations and some squeamish in regards to changes in the gas price in many parts of Iran. But these are examples of passing event in all countries.  

Even in these difficult times no foreign tourist had disturb as they were treated well by government and Iranian people. This shows that Iran is one of the safest countries for tourist in the world! 

Tourists Opportunities Of Visiting Iran

The county is subjected to criticism and many negative and sometimes damaging publicity (media and others), but still tourism industry is very strong and flourishing.

Iran with its rich culture, elaborate historical sites, its kind and hospitable people is ready and willing to have tourists come and enjoy the many facets of this very old and thriving civilization.

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