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Masal village

The village of Masal is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the northern parts of Iran that have a special place in Iran tourism. Masal is called the lost heaven in Gilan and its lush and green nature, temperate climate, and eye-catching landscape prove that this name is completely suitable for Masal village. If you are tired of the urban life and populated cities full of cars and people, Masal village can be the best option for you to feel the peace of mind for a few days. In this article, we are going to introduce the Masal village and all the activities you can have there to you. Stay with us.This city is one of the most important areas for leisure Iran tour, which annually attracts many tourists from around the country to spend their holidays in this area.

This village is one of the many places in Iran that has many enthusiasts, especially between iran eco tourism lovers. The beautiful nature of this city and its lush woods are one of the reasons that brought naturalist attention to the area. On the other hand. The cloud ocean in this area is a beautiful phenomenon that makes the walking on clouds imagination to reality. These natural attractions and the presence of rivers and caves in this region have made Masal famous and unique.

Masal and Shanderman

Masal is a dreamy place and one of the oldest cities that existed from the Parthian dynasty. This city is composed of two parts of Masal and Shanderman.

These two areas are full of natural attractions, which is still unknown to mass-builders and this made its environment pristine.

Still, nobody knows what Masal exactly means, but it seems it comes from a Taleshi word “Mazal” that it means mountainous and a city with mountains.

Masal natural attractions

Masal rivers

When you travel to iran, from the attractions of Masal, we cannot overlook the two beautiful rivers that have made this area more beautiful.

Masal Khalkai river and Shanderman Morghak river are the two most important rivers of this region. You can even sail in their roaring water. Of course in suitable weather in summer!

Masal spectacular countryside

  • Olsabelangah is a rural village on the top of Masal, where this area people in each spring and summer migrate to this village from Masal.
  • This magnificent hilly village, at an altitude of 1,000 and 489 meters above sea level, retains its old form and architecture and it still attracts everyone with wooden houses and boards and colorful ceilings.

Avishu Cave

  • Masal has many caves. The largest and most beautiful cave of this city is Avishu. This cave is located 22 km from Masal with a 15-meter span and an atrium height of 30 m to 50 m. There is also a river in the cave and many cascades. The length of the Stalagmite and Stalactite in this cave reaches 1 meter and multiplies the beauty of the cave.

  • To reach this cave, you must go to Masal and get 40 km from the Shanderman city. in that area you can see the Avishu cave.

Masal Beach Park

  • Masal Beach Park is located beside the Khalkai River and has created a beautiful area for tourists.

  • This beach park is divided into three parts of the green, Asbe Rise and Olsabelangah village. That are the main iran tourist attractions for the tourists of this village.

Masal historical attractions

  • The memorial of Mirza Taghi Khan Jangali, the foreman of the jungle who died in Masal highlands. Vashme Sara, Cole Castle, Sang Bast, Khandileh Posht, Tofang SazGun are among the historical sites of Masal.

Masal Weather

  • Masal is cold in the fall and winter. The air temperature in this area is also lower in the coldest time of the year. But in the spring and summer, it has an average temperature of 18 degrees.

Best season to travel to Masal

  • The best time to travel to Masal is from Ordibehesht to Mehr. In the rest of the year, the amount of fog is high and there is not much to see.

Necessary equipment to Travel to Masal

  • Most of the travelers stay in huts at night, but since the nights in Masal are cool, having a travel blanket, sleeping bag, and warm clothes is essential. Also, have suitable shoes for walking.

  • If you go to highlands of Masal, you better buy your needs before going there especially water and bread.

Where to eat in Masal?

  • If you ask from people who travel to Masal, the Khazar Restaurant of Masal on Enghelab street is the best restaurant in the city. Between iranian traditional food in this area, Kabab Torsh and Kababs of this restaurant are so good and their prices are not too expensive.

Where to stay in Masal?

  • Many tourists prefer to stay in the wooden cottages of Masal, but you have other choices. between iran hotels in Masal, Fardin Hotel is the most modern hotel in this area. The other hotel in Masal is Afra hotel that you can stay.