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  • Kerman & Mahan 

The city of Kaloots desert

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In Kerman & Mahan 

  • Shahdad the hottest place on earth
  • Shazde garden
  • Bam citadel
  • Rayen castel

Top foods to try

  • Bozqorme Abgoosht

  • Motenajbe Abgoosht

Old Culture Charming


The Bam citadel is the largest brick structure in the world, located near the city of Bam in the province of Kerman in southeastern Iran. This huge citadel, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites “Bam and its Cultural Space”, is located on the Silk Road, built in the 5th century BC and continued to be used until 1850.
The historic Bam citadel, with an approximate area of 200,000 square meters, is considered to be the largest collection of masonry brick works in the world.
The whole building is a great fortress that the citadel located at the heart of it, but due to its elegant appearance, which is also the highest part of the complex, the entire castle is called the Bam citadel. This historic citadel consists of several architectural forms including the walls of the fence, the tower and the gates and numerous gates, the mosque, the market, the inn, the caravanserai, the school, the bath, the zurkhaneh and the residential neighborhoods with the houses of the reach and poor people, the governorate including the barracks, the stables and mill, the house of the commander of the army and the domicile of the governor, the four-season mansion and the observation tower.

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Kerman & Mahan City Tour:

Walk to The Kerman historic district and visit Ganjalikhan complex including its Hammam, Mosque, water cistern, Caravanserai and Bazaar. Later visit IbrahimKhan mosque and Hammam. Then drive to Mahan and visit Shazdeh Gardens and Sheikh Nematollah Vali Shrine as a revered Sufi master.

Rayen & Bam Tour:

Drive to Lut desert and visit Rayen Citadel. (Later drive to Shahdad desert and discover the hottest place on earth if time allows). Then continue to Bam city and visit the Bam citadel once standing but destroyed by an earthquake. See the palm tree of one of the best type of dates in the world.

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