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Kandovan Village

The rocky village of Kandovan is the flagship of the East Azarbaijan tourism and is the only rocky village in the world where people still live, and its people live in old houses. Kandovan was formed about 7 centuries back by piercing shapely shapes that were the result of the eruption of an old volcano. Nowadays this village is one of the most prosperous and beautiful tourist attraction in the East Azarbaijan with its 5-star hotel and the National Heritage List. This village is located in the southwest of Tabriz, on the beautiful Sahand slopes, and is the best example of the 3 rocky villages in the world..


Thousands years back, the Sahand volcano erupted.  and boiled and threw the melt on the ground. The melt material cooled and passed through the solid conical stitches. At the time of the Mongol invasion of Iran, a group of people moved around these cone-shaped shapes, called Border. They shaved the cone boundaries and sheltered it, so that on the slopes of Mount Sahand, a unique beautiful village was born.

The boundaries gradually evolved. The dwellers of the village dug a chamber under each belt to hold the livestock, and at the top they also made a warehouse for household food. Ground floor also became a living place. Houses were created without the use of any material and only with the help of the shaving of the cone.

And this village was called Kandovan. Because the houses of its inhabitants look likes a hole. In the world, there are only 3 rocky villages and Kandovan is the most unique of them. Because life is still there, and 117 households live in their rocky houses. This village is on a steep slope, and narrow sloping alleys and connects it to different parts. The village has a mill, a mosque, a school and a public hamam, all of which is the result of scratching the cone athletic masses.

The traditional village texture and the amazing way of making it, the lifestyle of the Kandovan indigenous people, as well as the existence of a medicinal mineral spring, is one of the reasons attracting tourists to Kandovan. Also, the 5-star Tulip Hotel, which is home to Kandovan, which is in the heart of the rocks and offers great facilities and amenities, This has attracted  tourists more than anywhere else in the world.

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Access routes

In Iran all provinces including Azerbayjan, there are daily commute buses and people can go to Terminals and buy a Bus ticket. Once you reach your destination, take a taxi to your destination.

From Tabriz to Kandovan is only 60 km. so you can take a taxi from Tabriz to go to Kondovan .

Nearby attractions

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Mineral water spring

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Geographical location

  • East Azarbaijan Province 
  • Sko County 
  • Tourist Village 
  • Kandovan Rock

Best viewing time:

  • Kandovan is located on the slopes of Mountain Sahand, which is one of the highest peak in Iran. having  cold, harsh and long winters. The best time to travel to Kandovan is from May to October.During this period of time, the weather is pleasant and spectacular view of the nature is marvelous. It is recommended  to watch the village during the day. as village spectacles and its architectural wonders are not visible at night.

Kondovan Visiting Period:

  • Since Kondovan is cold and frosty during half of the year The tourists mostly visit this place  in the warmer months with more thriving days.Also, during the twenty-day period of Nowruz’s holiday, the number of passengers from all over the Iran visit Kondovan . Therefore, if you want to visit Kandovan on such days, please make sure you book the hotel in much advance.

Hotel Accommodation:

  • 5 star Hotel is available during 365 days a year in Kondovan. The rocky rooms are carved in the mountains and have stone walls. The hotel also has a jacuzzi, international western restaurant and coffee shop. The more you go into the coffee shop tunnel, the cooler the air temperature is cooler, The elevator in this hotel is not available due to design and location of this hotel. Also, the existence of a spring mineral water is another feature of this amazing village. Honey and dairy stores and Kandovan crafts are also available within the village and also at the hotel

Kondvan Temperatures:

  • The average temperature in Kandovan in the month of July  is 19 degrees C  and -9.5 degrees C in January.  Temperatures can be higher or lower in different months of year.

Time required to visit:

  • A visit to this village may be completed in 2 hours. But we suggest spending more time in this village and staying in a hotel to enjoy the wonders of nature, memorable and unforgettable experience. Walking in the mountains and using organic village products takes more than a couple of hours.

Safety Tips and Warnings:

  • You can drink from the Kandovan mineral water spring and this water is not harmful. Also, remember that you have to visit a mountainous and cool place that is cool even in the summer. so please keep warm clothes. Keep the right shoes, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen to climb the altitudes of the village.  Buy honey from the village and take with you as a souvenir. Be sure to buy dairy product from the village and have a drink. The rocky hotel does not have an elevator and is spaced on slopes and stone steps to stay there. So please avoid taking extra and unnecessary supplies. Take pictures and capture the perspectives in your camera. Respect native culture. Buy medicinal plants and nuts as well as handmade scarves from the native villager’s  and take them as a memorial.

Entrance fee:

  • There is no entrance fee to visit Kondovan village 

Distance to residential centers:

  • The rocky hotel of Laleh Kandovan – 0 km

Affiliate attractions:

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