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Kandlous village

The village of Kendloos, with its beautiful and slick landscape, locate in the heart of the wilderness of North Alborz mountains. And is waiting for nature-loving tourists and lovers of rural life. In addition to the unsurpassed natural scenery, the first phenomenon that travelers see when entering the village is the high level of obsession with the people to keep their living environment clean.

This peaceful village, just 200 km away from Tehran, is one of the top tourist villages in Iran. With its unique features each year, especially in the first six months of the year (March-September), attracting a lot of foreign and foreign tourists.

Kendloos is not a village that created and known overnight, this village is one of the oldest and oldest settlements in Mazandaran province. Archaeologists argued that some villages always protected from wars and destruction of civilizations because of their remoteness and aggressiveness. And thus can consider as untapped resources for archaeological studies. The Kandlos village is one of the oldest Iranian village. Which boasts the depth of its history when discovered with historic works such as pottery, agricultural tools, weapons, locks and ornamental objects dating back to the age of 4,000.

Another distinctive feature of Kandelus, which distinguishes it in comparison with many villages and has its worldwide reputation, is the presence of two museum of anthropology and a museum of medicinal herbs.

Museum of Medicinal Plants

The museum founded in 1986 to cultivate, cultivate, produce and package the main flavors and aromas as well as to produce essential oils and herbs. For the first time in Iran, Botanic Garden (Medicinal Heritage Museum) built on a land of 10 hectares in the village of Kandlos, in which more than 250 high genetic herbs produced and products exported to other countries. This museum is free to visit.

Museum of Anthropology

Kendloos is the first village in the world to have an anthropological museum. In fact, this museum is a dream of a child who, unlike his contemporaries, abandoned childish games and is looking for cultural and historical objects in the villages around the house. Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri is today a university professor and founder of various cultural collections, including the Kennelos Museum. The museum, which created without government support, has valuable works of art and rural culture. A variety of linear books, unique documents in the Kajur area of Mazandaran, life-style tools such as locks, scissors, textiles, jewelry, and a variety of traditional and caramel paintings.

Elite rural architecture

  • Another eye-catching beauty of this small village is the way to build houses, alleys and alleys. When crossing the spiral passage you will notice that a carpet of local stones is spreading under your feet. The pavilions in the elaborate and elegant manner of the architectural art of the masters of the village of Kandluss make the travelers appear. Legend houses prepared with native native materials, and the roof made from inside and outside with wood. The outer part of the ceiling covered with wooden boards of 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter. Such a roof, in addition to giving the village a natural beauty, during the rain, is filled with wood, wood and rain fragrance.

Happy New Year in Kandelos

  • The summers of the year composed of the year and the maid means a step, and the person told that after the delivery of the New Year, he will walk to the village house and is the first Norouz guest of that house.

    During this ceremony, mothers will choose one as “Happy Year” with the help of people like locals and elders from countless villagers. Moon can be one of the children, a neighbor’s son or a relative. In fact, it’s believed to be a good year, and if there’s a good year to come when they come home, they’ll have a good start. So when the year is delivered, the person with a tray in which the Qur’an, the grass, the evergreen flower and the violet flower branch, placed with the pitcher of water inside the house and a small amount of water pours out in the corner of each room.

Clondo Weather

  • The driest month is July and it is raining about 17 mm. Most precipitation falls on November, with an average of 99 mm.

    August is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in August averages 25.6 ° C. In February, the average temperature is 5.7 ° C. This is the lowest average temperature throughout the year.

Access to Kendloos

  • Kandelos is 200 km from the capital. If you move from Tehran, you must first take Karaj. Enter Chalous Road from Karaj Entrance. Continue to Chalous Road until you reach Mazar-e-Abad. About 5 km from Marzan Abad two waterways should go towards Kojur. There are about 42 km to the village of Kendloos.

    If you are moving from the side of Chalous, you must go to Kozvor before heading to Chazal. The distance from Chalous to Hendluss is about 65 km.

Accommodation in Kandelos

  • There are two, three, and five suites at the right price in the Kandlos village. 

Attractions close to it

  • At 5 km distance from the village, the beautiful Kandlos Waterfall located in the forest. You need to walk about an hour to reach this 10-meter waterfall.

Time to visit the village

  • Travel agencies based in Tehran usually have one-day tours to visit Honduras. This one-day trip includes crossing the beautiful Chalus road, visiting the waterfall and the Kennelus Museum and walking the village.

    If you go by car, you can visit the village for at least half a day. If you want to enjoy nature more than a few nights, stay in the village for a few nights.

important points:

  • Suites closed from late November to mid-March.

    Types of food serve in the suites.

    Wear suitable shoes for walking in rocky or rocky areas.