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Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Lost Desert in Heart of Cold Region

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The desert area of “Shoush Qoum” is located 10 km south of Harris, 80 km from Tabriz, north-western Iran.

Shoush Qoum is a natural, rare geological phenomenon. With an area of more than 6 hectares, it is situated near Maghsoudloui village in the central part of Harris county; like a small desert in the heart of a beautiful, pleasant-weathered region.

The desert is a special tourist, recreational attraction for its particular landscape; but also its soil which has healing properties. However, the area’s great potential to attract domestic and foreign visitors has been neglected due to the lack of proper presentation.
The officials are expected to develop and present Shoush Qoum as an important tourist area, while putting effort to preserve its environment and nature.

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