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Iranian People Urged to Avoid Nonessential Travel as COVID-19 Surges Again

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Hassan Rouhani said trips should only be made for necessary work.

“The only way to contain coronavirus is to closely observe health protocols,” said Rouhani in a conversation with Minister of Health and Medical Education Saeid Namaki.

“It would not be right to allow the great achievement of stemming the spread of coronavirus to go down the drain because of negligence,” he said.

President Rouhani also expressed gratitude over the dispatch of medical teams to southern and western provinces gripped by coronavirus.

He emphasized the need for constant supervision over the enforcement, to the letter, of directives and health protocols to fight the spread of COVID-19 by all provincial and state authorities.

“Officials in charge of state and provincial commissions tasked with combatting coronavirus should inform people of relevant developments in cooperation with the state radio and TV,” he said.

“They should tell people to avoid nonessential travel and go on trips only for necessary work,” he said.

The president’s remarks come as Iran, like most other countries, is still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. Although some restrictions put in place to keep the virus from spreading have been eased recently, people are advised to keep observing health protocol and avoid nonessential travel to stem the spread of COVID-19.

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