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You feel sense of friendship, happiness, Sincerity and confidence beside this region local people. In Iran villages, this region people wear local traditional dress and costumes as a nice beautiful feeling gift. Thatch little Comfortable houses in narrow alleys, traditional foods, Iran wonderful nature attracts you more than other areas. You will see Iran primitive by visiting old caves, underground towns, and ancient aqueducts.


Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh village is one of the oldest villages in Iran that its history refer back 2000 years ago. This beautiful village is located between Isfahan and Kashan. This region people are really believed in their culture and tradition and they are among the few places still speaking in the middle Persian language of the Sassanid Persians. The village’s popularity is due to the houses red color walls, local cloths and costume.

Kandovan Village

Kandovan village is more than 700 years old and still preserve the same rock form. Some rooms antiquity refers back to 1,000 years. This beautiful village is located 40 kilometers far from Tabriz province. People in this village are still living in the volcanic rock which is transformed to a room shape. For the experience of staying in this village, we suggest using the International Hotel Laleh Kordovan as one of the 3 world-rock hotel.

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Meymand Village

Meymand Village is known in 2015 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A gorgeous and unique resort named as a cultural landscape. This village is very similar to Kandovan village and people live in cave houses. The difference between Kandovan and Meymand is in the form of rooms which are more vertical in the Kandavan,  versus in Meymand rooms are more horizontal. Meymand is located in the south-east of Iran and in Kerman province.

Masouleh Village

Masouleh village is located in Gilan province, 2 hours far from Rasht. The beauty of this village is in architectural style. Village houses are built on the mountains hillside as stair shape and each house roof is the upper house yard. Both the roof and the courtyards perform as sidewalk. If you travel to this beautiful village, do not forget to test this area delicious local cuisine.

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