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please read Iran information about Iran Travel info , Iran safety , Iran visa process , Iran tour guide and etc. before any confirmation and cross check if there is anything vague

Iran visa process

Tourist visa documents for Iran Visa process:

There are 2 items needed to get your visa application file ready.

A- Online visa form. Fill out it carefully and submit:

** A wallet size image of face (front page passport and a self-image together should be 512 KB and 3*4)

B- Scan of the main page of applicant’s passports

All are online which you just need to fill it on our website and submit it. Please note that the passport should be valid 6 months after your arrival time in Iran.

***** Also, the passport copies must be clear and completely legible in PDF format to be qualified for MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); the passport codes at the bottom of the passport page must be clear.

Iran visa process

iran visa process:

As soon as the visa documents send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), it takes 3 to 8 working days (based on Iranian calendar) to get the visa result.

  • This process for American, British and Canadian passport holders takes about 1-2 months (more or less).

So, If the visa issue, an authorization code number will announce to our agency, so you can refer to the expected and chosen Iranian embassy to collect your visa. By having this code, it means that your visa is issued and it works as an invitation letter for the embassies.

  1. Kindly pay attention that the visa collection fee in the Iranian Embassies is a governmental fee and not relate to the agency, so it is on you to pay. The fee may be negotiable.
  2. Pay attention to choose the expected embassy as the visa collection place with accuracy and especial attention; because the visa collection process may take about 1 week (more or less). 
  3. Above all, note that when the visa authorization umber issues, you have time to refer to the embassy from next 2 days to 25 days, after that the visa number is EXPIRED.
  4. In addition, call to the expected embassy to get the updated information and needed documents for the visa collection as soon as your visa issues.
  5. Please generally pay attention to time and accessibility when you choose the embassy where you want to collect your visa. That is not changeable.
  6. Moreover, Gheshm and Kish Islands are free zones; so visa is not needed to enter these places for 15 days.
Iran visa process

American – Canadian – British as Iran Visa Process

This is the rule for the American, British and Canadian passport holders:  they must join in a guided tour package. The agency which applies for their visas must arrange the authorized tour guide, fixed hotels, itinerary and any other services that they need during their travel.

  • The CV, position and workplace name for these nationals is needed to apply for Iran visa process.
Iran visa process


Iran Information to present you the best possible package:

  • You can choose one of our website itineraries.
  • Provide us with your interests, expected hotels , guide & car services, travel lengths and estimate of dates (month), mention number of travelers and the nationality. Then send an email, we are specialist on it.    
  • So, the final tour fee is based on the exact travel dates, times and also your preference.
  • Having the flight options make us to agree about the final package and rate much sooner.
  • besides all, our agency is specialist in customized tours and there are in specific times pre- arranged group tours to be

About Iran information Hotels

  • Have lower world standards.
  • Categorize based on star *
  • Also, inform us in advance to cross check if you are sensitive about any types of facilities and availability.
  • In addition, you can provide with your list of expected hotels.
  • Above all, checking the hotel reviews in internet and travel forums help you to be aware of the hotel qualities in Persia.

Iran travel info for Rural houses and hustles as accommodations:

  • Equipped with mattress on land (no bed).
  • Also, the breakfast is much simpler.
  • Mostly equipped with shared bathroom and toilet.
  • Moreover, no elevator at all and have long steps, no TV and shops.

Hotel breakfast:

  • Most hotels include breakfast.
  • Usually fruit is not served and differ based on the level of hotels.

Persia Tour guide hotels:

  • There is no guarantee that the guide stays in the same hotel as yours, so if you are sensitive about this, please do not hesitate to inform us in advance. 
  • Single rooms in Persia hotels are limited, especially at our high season.
Iran visa process

Iran Tour guide:

  • Iranian- based tour guides are mostly English-speaking in Persia and the number of guides in other languages such as Spanish – Italian – German – Russian – Japanese – Chinese, etc is limited.
  • The sooner your tour is confirmed, the better tour guides will arrange although all our tour guides are professional and knowledgeable. Please note that the guides working hours are 8 to 10 per day.
Iran visa process

Transfer Services Iran Information:

  • The airport/ bus or train terminal transfers done by private car and driver. If you want to add any tour guide for any transfers, please let us know in advance.
  • Let us know in advance if you are tall and want the bigger cars.

About  Tips to guides & drivers Iran travel info:

  • Can paid based on your thankfulness and satisfaction and there is no limitation on that.
  • If you like to know our idea, 5-10 USD per person per day seems fine. 
Iran visa process

all Iran Information about Meet & Greet:

  • Our agent /driver is waiting for you with the sign of your name before the flight lands. We will provide you with the contact numbers.
  • The tickets will be delivered to you by them and also the rest of the fee (as will be agreed) will be received.

Types of cars:

Type of carNumber of seatsMaximum number of passengersLuggage space
Sedan car4 seats2 or 3 paxTrunk
Delica van10 seats4 paxInside car
VAN IVECO10 seats6 paxInside car
Toyota Haice12 seats9 paxInside car
Minibus18 seats13 PaxInside car
Middle bus30 seats26 paxLuggage container
VIP bus25 seats24 paxLuggage container
44 seat bus44 seat43 paxLuggage container
Iran visa process

Iranian Foods of Iran travel info:

  • Persian foods seem delicious to the travelers.
  • It is mostly meat – based, but no pork is served in Iran. 
  • In main cities, Chinese, Indian and some foreigner foods are served.
  • Lack of vegetarian variety.
  • No alcoholic drinks are served.
Iran visa process

Iran Safety and Security :

  • Persia is one of the most hassle free and safe countries for the tourists in Middle East, whether women, men, independent traveler or group tours. People are very respectful and friendly toward tourists. Iranian people are considered one of the most hospitable people of the world.
  • There are online travelogues which contain update travel experiences of tourists traveling to Iran. You might want to check out some of these places.
  • You can be sure about Iran safety by following Iran news page in this site.

A modest dress code Iran information is all what you need to consider for clothing. It should cover your body moderately. A pair of pants or long skirt, a sleeve blouse, and a head scarf is perfect. Although the men cannot wear shorts, T-shirt is okay in Iran.

Iran visa process

Money and Credit cards& currency exchange:

That is relay important to have Iran information about Money and Credit cards& currency exchange:

Due to certain reasons there is no possibility to use any kind of the Credit cards or Debit cards in Iran.

All transactions done by cash.

Few carpet shops can accept credit cards.

The best currency that you might want to bring with yourself is Euro or USD.

The exchange parity rate is unfortunately not stable in Iran, but you can be updated through this link

Also to see Iran banknotes, please visit:

Never exchange your money in the banks which is much under the real rate.

There are authorized exchange shops at the airport or streets which are called “Sarrafi” but equal to “Exchange office”

Internet Iran safety :

Internet speed is somehow slow in Iran.

Most of Iran hotels except rural houses (in villages) have internet connection / WIFI.

There are coffee nets in streets if you want too.

Iran visa process

Payment mode for Iran safety:

To confirm booking, need to pay deposit to the hotels. The deposit is different from one hotel to another and some of them will not refund the money if the clients want to cancel.

Moreover,The deposit receives to our bank accounts. The rest of the fee also receives in cash upon arrival.

Mostly cash can be used in Iran, so please take enough cash for agency payment (as will be agreed) and also for your personal usage. If you want tourist card is also possible to buy and use.

So, please take bank notes of over year 2000 because the old ones cannot be changed in Iran. Please use large dimension bill (100 USD) for your payment as cash.

Iran visa process

method of Iran safety for Cancellation policy:

As there are different requests from clients, the cancellation policy is changeable, but if any cancellation happens from your side, paying the cancellation policy is must even if it is due to sickness, personal and work problems, etc. Because we have to pay the cancellation fee to the hotels, guides and for canceling tickets.

Therefore, our agency cancellation policy is (differs in high/low seasons):

– 60 days before arrival no charge
– 30 days before arrival 20 %
– 20 days before arrival 30%
– 15 days before arrival 40 %
– 10 days before arrival 50 %
– Less than 10 days before arrival 100%

Iran visa process

Quick facts:

  • The domestic flights in Iran done sometimes with delay and sometimes with cancellation.
  • Some attractions may be difficult for some ages and health conditions to be visited, so share any difficulties you have or search about the site difficulties in advance.
  • If you face any urgent incident during your trip, contact us at that time to help you anyway.
  • Also not taking photo of military places, governmental buildings, universities, official people, and police stations would be appreciated.
  • You can buy Iranian SIM card at the airport and use its internet as well for Iran safety .
  • Moreover, the payment mode, contact numbers, invoice and the agent names will be presented to you before your entrance date.
  • The baggage allowance at the domestic airport is 20 KG and 5 KG for hand baggage.
  • For domestic flights from Tehran is needed to go to Mehrabad Airport. IKA Airport is specially for international flights.
  • In addition, Friday is Iranians’ weekend.
  • The Iranian New Year starts from March 20th and there is 2 weeks holiday called Nowruz which is the most highlighted and crowded time of year.
  • The clients do not need to wait long hours and get the entrance tickets per attraction.

Persia Transportation

If you are traveling to Iran alone you need to know about the transportation system of this country.

Iran ticket

Booking all airplane, train, bus, ferry tickets from Iran With Irantours travel agency.

Iranian Souvenirs

Iran is a great place for buying souvenirs and due to its very old civilization, rich cultures and etc.

Persian Saffron

Iran can be considered as the cradle of the world’s saffron. Almost 90 percent of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran.

Iranian Simcard

Being able to connect to the internet and make phone calls is a must when visiting another country. 


A World Heritage Site is a location (such as a construction, city, collection, desert, jungle, island, lake, monument, or mountain) that is cataloged by the United Nations Educational,

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