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this city in Khorasan, Iran. Almost everything about Mashhad relates to its role as the holiest city in Iran

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The Best Important Things To Visit While Arriv-ing In Mashhad

Imam Reza Shrine Complex

Nader Shah Park & Mausoleum

Gombade Sabz Mausoleum

Torghabe, Sightseeing, village restaurants

Shandiz,village restaurants

Top foods to try
Iranian food is light and non-spicy. Travelers to Mashhad should try chello kebab (rice and fried meat balls), chello murgh (rice and chicken) which are specialties of Iranian cuisine and are served in all eating places. An assortment of freshly baked breads at the city’s many bakeries is something that is peculiar to Iran, where people like their bread straight out of the oven. Ice-cream and mash melon milkshake are also worth a try.

Imam Reza Shrine Complex

is also a mausoleum to the eighth Imam of Shia Islam. Complex includes a library and Ghoharshad mosque. It is the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest in capacity.

Nader Shah Park & Mausoleum

This tomb is located in a small park and there is a small fee to enter. Hardly any people around so you will have the whole place to yourself and be done in 15 minutes. So apart from the tomb and a massive statue there is a museum of sorts. He was one of the more powerful rulers and lived in the 1700’s.

Ferdowsi Park & Mausoleum

The tomb of Abul-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi is located in the middle of a landscaped garden 20 kilometers north of Mashhad City. This great monument was designed and refurbished by Hooshang Seyhoun based on Hossein Lorzadeh’s preliminary design with some modifications in its dimensions, size, and decorations. The current building of the mausoleum was opened in 1934 simultaneously with Ferdowsi Millenary Celebration. 
universities and research institutes.

Torghabe, Shandiz

Torqabeh and Shandiz are the natural paradises of Mashhad. They are two summer regions around Mashhad with a rich variety of touristic facilities and since they are located in the ever-green and water-rich mountains of Binaaloud, they are considered as the endeared attractive spots of the tourists and visitors.

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Mashhad started life out as Sanabad, a village pitstop for trade caravans headed towards Turkmenistan. But in the ninth century, the eighth Shi’ite Imam Ali Bin Moosa Al Reza, the great grand son of Imam Ali who was the cousin & son in law of Prophet Mohammad was poisoned by the caliph of the time. Imam Reza was buried in Mashhad, and his shrine became one of the holiest sites to the shi’ite muslims after the Holy Kaaba in Saudi Arabia and Karbala in Iraq.