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The oldest city of ancient Persia

Iran beauty places

The Best Important Things To Visit While Arriv-ing In Shiraz

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque _Pink Mosque
Top foods to try
Kalam Polo or Cabbage Rice – A mixed rice dish with meatballs and cabbage seasoned with saffron and basil.
Shirazi Salad – A salad consisting of chopped cucumber, tomatoes and onion with a verjuice and dried mint dressing.
Faloudeh or Paloudeh Shirazi – A dessert consisting of thin vermicelli noodles mixed in a semi-frozen sugar and rosewater syrup served with lime juice.


Tomb of Cyrus the Great the father of ancient history of Iran


Four inscriptions on four walls of the royal road, one ceremony is carved in each wall


One of the magnificent capitals of the kingdom of Iran during the Achaemenid Empire

Delicious Shirazi Food

Delicious and traditional foods
Pleasant desserts

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