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There are only a few references to Astara in historical documents, indicating that unlike today, the city was not an important center of trade until the Safavid era*1501–1736

The Best Important Things To Do While Arriving In Astara

Sheikh Taj Al-din Mahmud Khivi Mausoleum

Heyran pass

Estil Wetland

Top foods to try

Longi – A whole chicken marinated in meddler paste and verjuice, and stuffed with a paste made with meddler or cherry plum paste, verjuice, tomato and walnut before roasting. Longi is served with Caspian sticky rice kateh

Basterma- A dish made by stuffing a small duck or chicken with meddler or cherry plum paste, verjuice, tomato and walnut, cooked in rice

Torsh-e Tareh- A rice dish made with parsley, coriander, spinach, sour pomegranate juice and egg

Estil Lagoon

One of the tourist attractions in Astara city. Located by the Astara – Rasht road. This Lagoon is 138 acres. Estil Lagoon has been identified as one of the top five places of tourism in Gilan in 2005

The tomb of Sheikh Tajeddin Mahmud Khiva

The tomb of Sheikh Tajeddin Mahmud Khiva is related to the early centuries of the post-Islamic era of the Ilkhan dynasty.


Heyran is a cluster of three villages in the western Alborz mountain range, within Astara County of Gilan Province in far northwestern Iran

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Astara is one of Iran’s fishing and farming cities. The city has a lively market which has expanded over the years to include 1,200 shops where goods imported from neighboring countries as well as local productions are sold.