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There are lots of attractions in Iran Cities. In each City of Iran, you are see unique sites. specific culture and ethnicity include in each Iran Town.

Persia is the oldest country in the world. A country with a four-season climate including monopoly products such as saffron and pistachio. Also a country overfilled of natural resources; from iron and aluminum sources to oil and gas. This Country is a land with authentic customs and historical traditions, based on love, affection and kindness.

Iran is a land that is known as the sweet poets like Hafez, Saadi, Ferdowsi, Attar and Khayyam. Shahnameh is one of Persia’s most epic and glorious books which points out the glory and power of Rustam, Esfandiyar and Arash, as Iranian pride.
Moreover, Persia has several provinces with different accent, dialects, traditions and customs that all live together in peace and friendship.

There are a lot of beautiful places in popular city of Iran to visit that attracts many tourists and travelers per annual. On the Northern side city of Iran, there is the Caspian Sea, Southern part is the Persian Gulf. In addition, In the east and west part holy and religious Iran town and in the central part is ancient and historical Iran town.


Tehran City

  • Is the capital of Iran.
  • It is cultural, political, sports, educational, scientific, artistic events host.
  • It includes many historical, cultural, sports, artistic, cultural, natural and etc. attractions.
  • One of the five top tourist destinations in Iran.
  • There are many traditional and modern markets and many shopping centers with products veriety.
  • The most famous Iran universities are in this city.
  • Some of the most famous Iran shrines and Imamzadehs such as Imam Zadeh Saleh, Shah Abdul Azim Hasani and are located in this city.

Isfahan city

  • One of the 5 best Iran tourism Towns.
  • Attractions such as Naghshe Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Chehelsotun Palace, Isfahan Bazaar Vank cathedral, Isfahan Jame Mosque, Monarjbanban and etc. can be visited in this city.
  • Some of the most popular and beautiful bridges in Iran, such as 33-Arc and Khaju Bridges, are located in this city.
  • Not only includes famous historical attractions, but also interesting sites such as Music Museum, Isfahan Aquarium, Armenian District, Chaharbagh Street, the resort of Sufeh Mountain, Nezhvan Forest Park, and etc. make the city more enjoyable.
  • By traveling to Isfahan, you can experience a memorable trip to one of the most important periods of Iranian history, the Safavid with an excursion to the historical context and famous city attractions.
  • Traveling to Isfahan is a trip to Iran’s artistic capital. By choosing Naghshe Jahan as a destination, you can get familiar with Iranian culture.
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Shiraz City

  • Some of the best and most famous attractions of Iran such as Persepolis, Necropolis, Pasargadae and Kourish Kabir sepulcher, palaces, castles and cities of Sassanid era, and etc. are located near Shiraz.
  • Best Iranian monuments and architecture such as Nasir al-Malek mosque, Vakil Complex, Atiq mosque, Quran gate, Karimkhani Arg and etc. are in this city.
  • Some of the best and most beautiful Iranian gardens, such as Eram garden, Narenjest-e-Qavam, Delgosha Garden, Qasr al-Dasht and etc. are located in this city.
  • This city is know as one of the best modern and traditional shopping centers because of diversity plenty bazaars.
  • Shiraz is one of the most popular cities in Iran, where can find a pleasant weather and relaxing.
  • Some of the best Iranian poets tomb such as Hafez, Saadi, Khajuye Kermani and others are located in Shiraz city.
  • One of the top five tourism cities in Iran.
  • Health tourism Is really public in this city
  • This city is one of the most popular Iran cities in various fields of trade, science, medicine exhibition.

yazd city

  • It is the first Iranian city which is knows as UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Yazd old windward and houses have a special popularity in Iran.
  • If you are a sweet fan, you will create one of your most delicious memories by traveling to Yazd.
  • One of the few cities that still preserve its traditional structure to touch a history journey.
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Kashan City

  • This is a small city and you can easily access its attractions in one day; so visiting its beauties site does not take much time.
  • The UNESCO Wolr Heritage site, is a good reason to travel to Kashan.
  • The Iran town is one of the most Iranian famous celebrations known as Golabgiri, which has a lot fans.
  • Kashan is in the list of popular deserts which is a good destination for deserts enthusiasts because of its close location to beautiful desert scenery.

Tabriz city

  • This city is known to its traditional, modern Bazaars and high quality goods, which helps you have a satisfaction shopping.
  • It is a historic city and includes ancient houses phenomena such as Kabul mosque, Azerbaijani Museum and etc.
  • Precious handicrafts and worthy souvenirs which carpet and leather of Tabriz attract the most passengers sight.
  • Tabriz city is surrounded by a lot of natural attractions such as Kandovan Village and Arasbaran Forest and you shouldn’t leave Tabriz without visiting these highlighted places.
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Kermanshah City

  • Some of Iran’s most important historical attractions, such as Taq Bostan, have been the mainstays of  Tekyeh Moaven al-molk  and  bigler beygi 
  • One of the most important Iran historical collections, enclosure, stones and Bistoon inscriptions is near this city.
  • One of the most Iran beautiful mosques, Masjid-Shafiei is located in this city.
  • The peaceful nature of Kermanshah province, especially Zagros oak forests, famous caves of this region, its lush plains, Tagh Bostan forests park and mountains are the best natural and tourist destinations in the area.
  • Kermanshah contains some of Iran’s best foods, tastes and souvenirs which can be known as one of the most commonly used stomach destinations in Iran.
  • This is one of the most important Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Cave climbing centers in Iran.