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29 Night(s) >> Tehran 1 Night – Qazvin1 Night(s) – Fuman 2 Night– Sarein 1 Night – Tabriz 2 Night– Kandovan 1 Night(s)– Takab 1 Night(s) – Kermanshah 1 Night(s) – Hamedan 2 Night(s)-Susa 1 Night – Behbahan 1 Night(s) – Shiraz 2  Night- Meymand 1 Night -Mahan 1 Night- Bam 1 Night(s)- kerman 1 Night(s) – Yazd 2 Night(s) – Tabas 1 Night(s)Mesr desert 1 Night – Isfahan 2 Night(s) – Kashan 1 Night- Tehran 2 Night(s)

About Itinerary

Iran is an ancient country with historical and cultural attractions that the antiquity refers back to the age old years. You can visit Iran attractions in our Iran holiday packages depending on your interests. Iran circle tour package is an appropriate and exclusive choice for people who are in favor of culture and original nature. By choosing the tour package, can observe Iran culture, Iran nature, Iran cuisine and Iran handicraft attractions and this Iran trip remains in your mind and memories as a memorable and unforgettable journey. 

Day wise Itinerary

day 1


Iran Hotel

Arrival at IKA airport, meet and greet with our agent and transfer to the hotel for rest.

day 2


Iran Eco Classic Tour

Early morning at 8:30 A.M. drive 181 Km towards Alamut mountains and visit the Hassan Sabbah’s Alamut castle, then Evan lake and scenic Gazarkhan village.

day 3


Iran Eco Classic Tour

Drive 499 Km towards Fuman City. On the way visit Sultanieh (World Heritage) Mosque, Chalbi Ughloo Tomb and Khanghate.

day 4


Iran Eco Classic Tour

After breakfast drive to Bandar Anzali to visit Lagoon Anzali and the peaceful nature.

day 5


Iran Unique Nature

Visit Lahijan, Roodkhan Castle and Park and Masouleh. The drive 239 Km to Serein.

day 6


Iran Unique Nature

Visit Sarein mineral warm water SPA and its amazing landscapes. Later on drive 207 Km to Tabriz City and visit Tabriz Bazaar, Ilgoli mansion and famous park.

day 7


Persia culture

In Tabriz visit Azerbaijan museum constitutional revolutionary museum, Shahriar tomb, Kabood mosque, Scales museum and historical house.

day 8


Iran Unique Nature

Drive 56 Km towards Kandovan and visit volcanic Mountains and village, the well-known cave dwellings.

day 9


Iran Visas

Early morning drive 297 Km to Takab. On the way visit Maragheh and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Takht-e Soleyman in Takab.

day 10


Iran Hotels

Drive 320 Km towards Kermanshah to visit the stunning Taq-e-Bostan, Sassanid relieves and Bistoun bas-relief UNESCO recognized with Anahita pre-Islamic temple.

day 11


Iran Historical Site

Early morning drive 188 Km to Hamedan and visit Alisadr Cave.

day 12


Iran Historical Site

Hamedan city tour to visit Baba Taher Tomb, Avecina Tomb, Alavian Dome, Hegmataneh hills and Museum, Tomb of Esther & Mordechai Later to visit Ganj Nameh 500 b.c Inscription engraved on a mountain in Hamadan.

day 13


tehran attractions2

Drive 474 Km towards Dezful to visit Chogha Zanbil, Ilamied Palace and Susa Museum.

day 14


Iran Highlights

Visit Daniel Tomb, Shushtar historical hydraulic system and Old city of Shushtar. Then drive 320 Km to Behbahan.

day 15


Iran Hotel

Drive 331 Km towards Shiraz. On the way to visit Bishapoor and get to know a deserted town from Sassanid Dynasty. In Shiraz visit Ghoran Gate and Kahjooye Kermani.

day 16


Iran Hotel

Shiraz city tour starts with Nasirol Molk Mosque, walking tour to Zandiyeh Complex, the traditional bazaar, Zinatol Molk House, Narenjestan Palace, Eram Garden and the Great Tomb of Poet Hafez and Saadi.

day 17


Iran Hotel

Drive 394 Km towards Meymand. On the way visit Persepolis and Necrepolis. If time permits Pasargadae too.

day 18


Iran Hotel

After breakfast visit Babak rocky village and drive 260 Km to Mahan to visit Prince Garden and Shah Nematollah Vali’s shrine.

day 19


Iran Hotel

Drive 159 Km to Bam to visit Bam citadel once standing, see the palm tree of one of the best type of dates in the world. En route also visit Rayen castle too.

day 20


Iran Hotel

Early morning drives back 289 Km to Kerman by visiting Shahdad Kalut and Lut desert en route.

day 21


Iran Hotel

In Kerman visit Ganjalikhan complex including its Hammam, Mosque, water cistern, Caravanserai and Bazaar. Later visit IbrahimKhan mosque and Hammam and drive 389 Km to Yazd.

day 22


Iran Hotel

Aftyer breakfast visit Dowlas Abad Garden (UNESCO World Heritage) and drive 389 Km to Tabas. In Tabas visit Golshan Garden plus Tabas Castle.

day 23


Iran Hotel

In Kerman visit Ganjalikhan complex including its Hammam, Mosque, water cistern, Caravanserai and Bazaar. Later visit IbrahimKhan mosque and Hammam and drive 389 Km to Yazd.

day 24

Mesr Desert

Iran Hotel

At 9:00 a.m. visit Kal-e-Jeni Canyon and Salt Desert (Dashte Kavir) in Tabas and drive 246 Km to Mesr Desert.

day 25


Iran Hotel

After breakfast visit the solitude of Garmeh and Mesr deserts with peaceful weather and have a camel riding, off-road or motor biking if you want. Drive 361 Km to Isfahan and if time permits Naein too.

day 26


Iran Hotel

Full day Isfahan starts at 9:00 A.M. and visiting Jame Mosque, the monuments surrounding the vast Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage) including Ali Qapu Pavilion, Shaikh Lutfollah Mosque, Jame Abbasi Mosque (Imam) and the monumental entrance to Qayssarieh Bazaar plus Chehel Sotun (UNRSCO World Heritage).

day 27


Iran Hotel

Drive 140 Km towards Kashan. En route Abyaneh Village. In Kashan visit Tabatabaee and Borujerdi Houses, Agha Bozorg Mosque and Soltan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse.

day 28


Iran Hotel

Today visit Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), Nooshabad underground town and drive 251 Km to Tehran. Milad and Azadi Tiower will be seen in Tehran too.

day 29


Iran Hotel

Tehran excursion starts at 9:00 A.M. to the National Museum, Jewelry Museum (opens from Saturday to Tuesday), Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage) and Carpet Museum. Then visit traditional old bazaar and communicate with local people and also do shopping if you want.

day 30


Iran Hotel

Based on your departure flight transfer from hotel to IKA airport.





Included services:


At Iran circle tour package, you receive 30 day Iran tour which starts from Tehran and ends by visiting 21 other destination in Iran. This package includes accommodation, guide, foods, transfer and transportation, Iran visa and etc.







5 to 80 year olds



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Iran circle tour


Covering a total distance of approx 146.239 km.
  • Qazvin181km
  • Fuman499km
  • Sarein239km
  • Tabriz207km
  • Kandovan56km
  • takab297km
  • Kermanshah320km
  • Hamedan188km
  • Susa474km
  • Behbahan320km
  • Shiraz331km
  • Meymand394km
  • Mahan260km
  • Bam159km
  • Kerman289km
  • Yazd389km
  • Tabas389km
  • Mesr desert 246km
  • Isfahan361km
  • Kashan140km
  • Tehran251km

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