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Visit International Institute for Peace through Tourism at International Book Fair stand of Yazd

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The 32nd edition of Tehran International Book Fair opened on April 23 which high-ranking officials and foreign diplomats attended the opening ceremony.

Participations at international book fair:

Publishers from China, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Serbia, Armenia, Pakistan, India, Switzerland, Russia, Oman, Japan. Also Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan and Belgium were present with their stands. Several rounds of talks also held to introduce a number of Iranian writers and illustrators to foreign countries as part of a Grant Plan. Efforts which made to promote Persian language across the globe. Tehran was one more time an international meeting point for people of all ages interested in culture, cultural events and of course reading.

Remaining and keeping Yazd old district:

In this context, the visit of the International Institute for Peace through tourism, Iran Chapter (IIPT-IC) had among its objective the meeting. That is with the representatives of the city of Yazd. That is in order to share ideas about the future of the wonderful legacy of Yazd as a model of coexistence among different religions. As the ICOMOS highlights: ”the city escaped the modernization trends that destroyed many traditional earthen cities. It survives today with its traditional districts, the qanat system, traditional houses, bazars, hammams, water cisterns. In addition, mosques, synagogues, Zoroastrian temples and the historic garden of Dolat-abad. Furthermore, the city enjoys the peaceful coexistence of three religions: Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.

The main tourism element:

The positive meeting between the IIPT-IC’s head of the board, Dr. Fabio Carbone, and the representative of the city of Yazd. That was surely the first step for the development of common activities. The aiming at the promotion of a culture of peace using education as the main element and tourism as vehicle of effective intercultural dialogue. 

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