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Iran Rose Water Ceremony:

Where Is rose Water Comes From?

It is strange that the most beautiful flowers and the freshest flowers of our country for four seasons come from such a dry desert. Kashan city is located 240 km from Tehran, in Isfahan province, between the vorks mountains and in the central desert of Iran.
However, this is not about Kashan, its spectacular old houses, the ancient Silk Hills and the Fin Garden. But rather an old and spectacular celebration called the pearl.

The Season of Rose Water:

The two cities of Qamsar and Niasser hosting guests for two to three weeks in mid-May for the Rose Blossom. The two cities are full of Mohammedan gardens and clear streams. Doubling the city’s favor for those who have reached the city after the desert. The Mohammadi flowers that are planted in and around Kashan are of the Rosaceus type. It is warm during the day, but cools off at dusk and night. It is advisable to opt for a lightweight and comfortable shoe on your tour of these areas and avoid dumping trash, especially disposable containers.

Planting The Flowers of Rose Water:

Planting of Mohammadi flowers in Iran is around for 7000 years and is a ritual flowering ceremony for 1000 years which changed a lot over time. Qamasr Rose, considered the best in the world in terms of quality, also religiously honored. In addition to being used for aromatizing religious spaces, this pure rose water washed every year on the 9th house of God.

Rose Water Production:

Although Qamasr is known as the most desirable crop in the world. Pure rose water produced in the villages of Van, Sar, Sade and Vadegan which are less well known and tourist. In these villages, which are in mountainous areas than in Qamsar and Niasser, flowers blossom later and produce thicker roses.

Best Quality of Rose Water:

The most desirable rose water in this area belongs to the village of Wadegan and Van. located 50 km north of Kashan, on the border of Qom, Isfahan and Markazi provinces. In addition to the rose water other types of sweets and good quality trout can be found in these villages.

Kashan Qamsar Flowering Ceremony:

The pearl process is such that large pots are filled with Mohammadi flower petals and melted on the firewood and distilled water is obtained. They used to bring roses and flowers to the rivers for the ceremony, and read the religious rites. About 2 million people visit the pearl ceremony of Kashan, Qamasr, Niasro Borzak annually. Qamasr, Niasser and Barzak, Iran’s most important water poles, are also geographically interesting. Located a short distance from the mountains and the desert, and their climate is milder and milder than Kashan.

The Best Time Of Visiting:

Qamsar is 30 km south of Kashan. The best time to come to the moonlighting ceremony in the early hours of the day, when the sun is still not warm. The flowers set in the early hours of dawn are fresher and naturally better. In the city that is full of flower gardens, it is possible to see the roses for tourists. The people of Ghamsar are hospitable and warm and patient, explaining the process of making the rose as if they were more than happy to repeat themselves. Audience. Apart from the beautiful roses and beautiful nature of Qamasr. Visiting the old Davoud Imamzadeh, a building belonging to the Al-Bouwy period, has an interesting conical and turquoise dome.