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Filband village

The beautiful and dreamy village of Filband is the highest altar village in the Mazandaran area, located in the south of the cities of Amol and Babil. Since its height is about 2700 meters above sea level and is located in a mountainous area, the height of the clouds is often lower than the height of the village. He then sees his viewer over the clouds and feels like heaps of clouds like the vast sea below his feet. At other times, the clouds are higher and bring down the village and take you to the banquet of dream and imagination. But watching the clouds is not the only attraction of this village. In the days without clouds and fogs, you can also enjoy the highland of the village to watch the distant landscapes. Especially watching the highest peaks of Damavand and the view of the village of Sanghalal is really awesome. The filbert that is known as the eastern side of Mazandaran has a lot of springs and a lot of springs.Among them, the eyes of Lar are rich in mineral salts that have the property of treating kidney stones. It has also been said that fluorine in the water of the springs of this region has been very influential in the bones of its inhabitants.


In this village, in the last week of August, a local tradition will be held along with the Lucho Ferry, a native of Mazandaran. People wear traditional dresses, folk music and native cuisine.


The weather in this village is completely unique and unpredictable. During the day, you may see several atmospheric phenomena in one place. The weather may be in a sunny moment, a rainy moment and a few moments later snow.

In July, rainfall is at its lowest, with an average of 10 mm. Most precipitation falls in March, with an average of 56 mm.

With an average temperature of 25.4 degrees C, August is the hottest month of the year. February is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 4.6 ° C.

Access to the fillet

  • The village of Filband is located in the south of Amol. To reach it, enter the Aarh road from south Amol. After 25 km, you will see the sub-road of the Filband (Sanghalal) on your left. This subway road after about 30 km and passing the beautiful village of Sanghalal will bring you to the Filband. The Sanghalal path is very scabrous.

    If you are going to go to the fillet in Tehran, go to the Haraz road and head towards Amol. Approximately fifty kilometers from Goznak and twenty-five kilometers to Amol, you will see an exit on the right side of the road towards the Filhand (Sanghalal). This subway road after about 30 km and passing the beautiful village of Sanghalal will bring you to the Filband.

Accommodation in Filband

  • In this village there is a house for rent.  Another way is to use the tent. Finally, you can use the reliquaries and the mosque of the village with the permission of their custodians.

Time required to visit

  • The distance between the Filband and Amol is 56 kilometers and up to the capital is 193 kilometers. If you move from Amol, you can visit the village in half a day. It will take about one day if you are going to move to a fillet in Tehran.

Attractions close to it

  • The hot water of Larijan is located 85 km from Filband in the direction of Amol road to Tehran.

    The Bahman Fort and the 50-meter waterfall of Shahanshahr, 75 km from the Filband, are on the Amol road to Tehran.

    Alimistan Forest is located 50 km from the Filband along the Amol road to Tehran.

important points:

  • Winter is a long fillet and is about 7 months of snowy year. The communication routes are cut off in the winter and the village is vacant. With the onset of the spring and the melting of snow, life goes back to the village.

    Wear suitable shoes for walking in rocky or rocky areas.

    You may experience cooler nights. Have a decent dress.

    If you are planning to buy souvenirs, visit the Sanghalal Handicraft Shop.

    Sardinian potatoes are very good.