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When is the best time to travel to Iran?

If you are planning to travel to Iran, probably the first question which reaches your mind is the best time to travel there. As you might know, Iran is a massive country and not having a proper time planning might totally spoil Persia trip. To give you a general idea about go to Iran`s diverse climate, I should mention that the weather usually changes significantly as you travel from north to south. Therefore, it is very important to know when the best time is to visit Iran as you might choose totally different destinations and activities in different times of the year.

In this article I will tell you what the best travel destinations, activities and traditional ceremonies are in each season in Iran and I will come to the conclusion that which time of the year is the best time for most of you to travel there!

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Spring (Late March – Early June)

If you wanna get surprised with beauty of this country, spring is kinda the best time to visit Iran. The whole country starts blossoming during spring. This season starts from 21st of March with New Year holiday- Nowrouz– and lasts till early June.

Traveling to Iran during Nowrouz might be interesting and at the same time challenging for you. The interesting part is you will see how an Iranian New Year looks like (The Iranian calendar is solar based) and you might get the chance to be invited to some interesting local ceremonies. During this time of the year all the cities are decorated with Haft_Seen tables and you see lots of happy Iranian people, mostly in local customs. On the other hand you might not find Nowrouz the best time to travel to Iran as booked out hotels/hostels and sold out tickets might be a big challenge. As many people are busy with Nowrouz ceremonies, finding a couch surfing host might be tricky as well.

So do I have any special suggestion?! If you can`t book your hotel/hostel in advance, manage to arrive to Iran by the end of Nowrouz (about 1st of April). In this case you will still see lots of Nowrouz decorations while not being worried about your accommodation and transport!

As the weather is really mild in this time of the year, you will enjoy traveling to deserts and also famous cities in Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Kashan and Yazd. you will also enjoy the beauty of north of Iran as well.

Any tip? have some loose clothing and also a warm jacket as the weather might change easily!

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Summer (June – Late August)

Summer is definitely not the best time to travel to Iran unless you have a special plan for the hot weather! Hot summer starts from early June and lasts till late August. So if you are planning to travel to Iran during this time of the year, ignore going to south and central parts. Visiting Shiraz, Yazd and Kerman might be challenging as well according to their hot weather.

So what is the best to do? Change your trip itinerary to Western provinces such as lorestan or Azarbayjan and enjoy fresh breeze and green scenery in beautiful mountainous ranges.

Any special suggestion? If you are a mountain climber, summer is the best time to visit Iran and explore stunning Damavand, Sabalan or Alam Kooh summits. There are couple of good guided tours being organized in Iran to hike these mountains. You will definitely enjoy it.

Any tip!? Don’t forget to bring loose clothing with bright colors!

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Autumn (September – Early December)

September to December is another best time to travel to Iran. As we enter September, the weather starts cooling down and beautiful colorful autumn starts in this country.

If you are really excited to explore amazing deserts, Autumn is the best time to visit Iran. As the weather gets cooler, it gets easier to explore beautiful deserts such as Mesr, Shahdad and Maranjab. Yazd, Kashan, Isfahan, Tehran and Kerman are other good destinations during this time of the year.

Any special ceremonies? Don’t miss out Yalda night! It`s basically the longest night of the year (the last night of Autumn) and Iranian people celebrate it really beautifully. So accept any invitation you get at this night from any local person! And how to get an invitation?! You don’t have to arrange anything in advance, Just be open to Iranian hospitality!

Any tip? Having a warm jacket during this time of the year is really handy!

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Winter (December – March)

Lots of cities in Iran have cold weather during winter so winter is not really the best time to travel to Iran. Cold winter usually starts from late December and lasts till March. So Avoid going to Northern and Western part of Iran during this time of the year and replace Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and also desert tours in your plan.

Any special suggestion? Why are you not trying some good ski resorts in Iran with really affordable prices? Don`t miss out skiing in northern mountain ranges (Shemshak, Dizin) if you are around!

Any high recommendation? The winter is a perfect time to explore southern coastal line and its stunning unspoiled islands like Gheshm, Hengam, Hormoz, Lavan! Enjoy a warm adventure and lots of swimming on this beautiful part of Iran. You can start your journey from Khuzestan and finish in Baluchestan.

Any special tip? If you are going to visit Iran during winter, it’s better to avoid staying in big cities like Tehran as they get serious air pollution.

Any special ceremonies? We Iranian people celebrate the last Tuesday of the year by setting up fire and dancing around it. Charshanbe-Souri is the most interesting ceremony before Nowrouz! So don’t miss out Charshanbe-Souri and pre_Nowrouz vibes if you are in Iran in late May.

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Ramadan in Iran

  • Ramadan is the fasting month in Muslim countries. As this month is based on the moon calendar, it doesn’t have a fixed date in solar or western calendars. In the recent years, we are having Ramadan during Summer and Spring. You might find traveling in Iran quite challenging during Ramadan as most of the restaurants are closed during the day. However, traveling in Iran in Ramadan gives you the chance of experiencing Iftar (Fast people`s dinner). So don’t decline any invitation to an Iranian Iftar!

Moharram in Iran (Tasoo`a & Ashoora)

  • Moharram is another special month for Muslim people based on moon calendar. This month is happening during autumn and winter in these years. A ten-day moaning ceremony with some deep routed believes is going on in Moharram. The whole country kinda changes to a big performing scene every night and you will definitely see amazing performances and lots of donated food everywhere. I highly recommend tasting this atmosphere for at least couple of days!

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