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  • Abyaneh Village and Kashan

The red clay village Abyaneh and Kashan

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  • Abyaneh Village
  • Kashan

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  • Kateh Moatar

  • Jujui Tas Kebab
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Kashan Fin BathHouse

Fin bathhouse (hammame Fin in Persian language) is located near Kashan city in Isfahan province. This bath house is a part of Fin garden. This bathhouse divided to two part, small one and large one.
Small bathhouse’s architecture is not so important and doesn’t have a special beauty; but the large one with marble pillars and painted ceiling is very eyeful.
Both bathhouses include entrance, hothouse, water pool, waterfront, reservoir and cloak room.

Fin garden and small bathhouse was built in Safavid dynasty time. The markable thing about this bathhouse is the presence of seven old tiles in reservoir part which each one had 500 years old.


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Abyaneh Village and Kashan Tour:

At 8:00 A.M. drive to Abyaneh and meet its people with the traditional and colorful costumes and also its old houses with their wooden doors. Then continue to Kashan with Fin gardens and visit this beautiful garden and the Hammam inside it. Then Tabatabai historic house, Sultan Mir Ahmad Hammam and Agha bozorg mosque. At the end if time permits visit the oldest Ziggurat in the world from 7000 year ago in Sialk hills.

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