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10 Steps toward a Stress-Free Guided Tour to Iran

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Everyone travels to get rid of stress in his or her life. As a world traveler, you’re not an exception. Keep in mind that your local tour guide or driver is not an exception either. It’s important to learn how to get prepared for stress-free guided tour to Iran to reduce any probable frictions. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tour that requires another vacation to get revitalized.

Here’s a list of 10 steps that you can take to make sure that your guided tour to Iran will be stress-free one. Make sure you follow them thoroughly, so that you enjoy your journey.

Read and learn about Iran before you finalize the itinerary with the local tour operator.

At the initial step, when you receive an itinerary from your tour operator/travel agent, make sure you read it completely and carefully. It’s absolutely vital and important for you to read about Iran, its culture, history, cities and villages within the country before you approve the itinerary.

This is very important to keep in mind that Iran is a vast country and the distances between the main destinations inside the country isn’t short. Take this into consideration as well. If you skip this step, then you have to change your words during the trip which creates stress for the tour operator and its representative, the tour guide, and yourself. It’s not as easy as you may think to change the plan in the course of the trip.

Forget about your stressful career, family issues and so on before you start traveling.

You leave your hometown, country or workplace because you’d like to enjoy yourself and forget about the stressful life you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t make sense to keep in touch with your cause of stress through emails, phone calls, etc.

Remember that you’re traveling to relieve stress not to stay in touch with it. So, get rid of all the stress and disconnect from it on your journey. Cross out your business monitoring measures, local news follow-ups, sick pet at home, etc. If the priority was there, you wouldn’t traveling!

Provide your essentials for yourself: medication, habits, diet, etc.

If your well-being depends on certain kinds of medication pills, etc, make sure you take them with you while traveling. It’s absolutely your responsibility to take care of yourself and take precautionary steps to prevent any health issues.

All of us may have certain habits without which we may lose our common sense, tolerance and good mood. Some example are your dependence on caffeine, morning workout, smoking cigarettes, tooth brushing after each meal, etc. If there’s a way to supply what you need for yourselves, you must do it.

Accept the Unexpected!

Your objection to the unexpected events or your anger toward an unpleasant situation cannot change a thing during the course of the tour. Terrible things may happen anywhere in the world. Sometimes it may not make sense to you because you evaluate such occasions based on your own standards and your own world. Remember you’re now in a different country. Things follow a different set of standards and reasoning.

If you disagree with the reasons put forwarded by the local people or your tour guide, you create stress for yourself and the others around you. The best solution will be to accept what it is as it is. So, you’d better accept the unexpected as long as it doesn’t affect your health and well-being. Instead, try to understand such opportunities that will be likely to lead you toward better perception of the destination’s culture.

Show your sense of appreciation!

If you see interesting things during the trip, just make sure that you show your sense of appreciation. This is the best way to encourage your tour guide to take extra steps for you. It must come from the bottom of your heart, because people are smart enough to understand fake appreciation. Therefore, this habit must internalized and you as a world traveler.

On the other hand, this is a general tendency among all human beings regardless of nationality race color and so forth to be appreciated and thanked. Keep in mind that Iranians are not any exception to this general rule. The important rule of thumb is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you cannot be trusted anymore, which is another recipe for stress in your relationship with others around you.

Be respectful and ethical toward people, your decision, etc!

In your own society, you tend to be an ethical person respecting everyone. Remember this rule must observed during the course of the trip or in any destination country you’re traveling to. If you need anything that the guide do for you, you can ask for it, but make sure you do it in a respectful way. Tour guides do not like order them. That’s why they’re working as freelance professionals. After all you’re not their boss. Chances are you push them to get certain things done for you and they do the opposite! This is the recipe for stress!

Always remember if people need to work in certain conditions and for certain hours, relax in some intervals, eat particular times, etc in your country, the people in the destination cities and villages are the same too. You shouldn’t expect them to work for you like a machine! Respect their need to relax, have lunch time, etc. Another point you need to keep in mind is that you have made a decision and that is to follow your itinerary during the course of the trip. Do not try to change things as you travel. In other words, respect your initial decision of accepting the itinerary.

Ask questions with right attitude.

Naturally you may come up with several questions as you travel inside Iran. When you ask these questions, make sure you do them with right attitude. Also do not ask question with humiliating attitude. You must not ask questions with the attitude of changing the norms or prevalent conditions as you are a traveler not a social or political reformer. Ask questions to learn why things work the way they work. Or you must ask questions to learn how things work the way they work.

If you internalized such attitude, you will receive more straightforward honest answers that will help you understand the culture of the destination you’re traveling in. If you don’t follow this rule, you create bitterness, disagreement, stress, etc.

Don’t compare and don’t judge!

When you travel outside Iran, you may see a lot of things that don’t match your world’s standards, norms, etc. If you fall in a comparison trap, you create a lot of tension and stress. You cannot compare things in different countries. Every country has its own history, methods, lifestyle, etc. Instead, try to learn it.

Never judge any situation, behavior, attitude, gesture, etc. It doesn’t bring any stress-free mood to your trip if you are being judgmental. If you judge a country or its people, an unpleasant feeling will be created. You are very likely to make mistake and it equals stress.

Don’t push things forward!

During the course of history, people in different countries might pushed to do things against their wills. Iran is such a country. Iranians do not like to pushed to do things that they don’t like to. If you want certain things to people do for you, just ask for them politely. Then, wait patiently to see it happening for you. Just relax. Isn’t this why you’re traveling?

Don’t discuss.

The situations in life don’t necessarily agree with your expectations. Things do not follow your standards or common sense. Things won’t happen the way you expect them. It’s good to ask questions to learn why, but keep away from discussing things to convince the local people that they should have done them differently.

You can always put forward your ideal methods of getting things done, but in a respectful way, not in an authoritative manner. This is the positive and fruitful way of dialogue between nations. It won’t help anyone if you discuss things from an absolute perspective.


If you observe the above steps, you will have a sweet experience yourself. Besides, you create a pleasant ambience around yourself. Others will enjoy your company too. At the end of the day, everyone will be happy and stress-free.
You are a culturally-oriented traveler who likes to learn about other nations and their culture. Such considerations are vital to your mentality so that you can make the most of your trip and take the best souvenirs from Iran, sweet memories.

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