Shiraz Hotels and Accommodations Booking

Shiraz is an ancient city in south western Iran with friendly and hospitable people. It has many ancient monuments some of which date back to three thousand years before Christ. It has various kinds of hotels from stylish and modern ones to old and traditional kinds you can reserve in Shiraz. Some of Shiraz hostels are in the city center near the tourist attractions of the city and very easily accessible to the monuments of the city and some other are located in the stylish upscale part of the city. It also has cozy traditional house hotels such as Niayesh Hotel that have changed into cozy iranhotels for tourists. We will be glad to take care of your accommodation in Shiraz and Shiraz hotels.

Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz, Hejrat, Iran

Elysee Hotel Shiraz

No 20 Pezeshkan Ave. Maali Abad St

Royal Hotel Shiraz

Quran Sq, Shiraz, Iran

Karim Khan Hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz, Roodaki St.hotel karimkhan

Grand Hotel in Shiraz

Quran Sq, Shiraz, Iran.

Aryo Barzan Hotel

Shiraz, Roodaki St.hotel Aryo Barzan

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