You see movements of clothes under your feet

Tourists Attractions: Jungle region of Taskouh, Chesli Waterrfall, Ramineh Waterfall, Olasbanga countryside, …

Jungle region of Taskouh

One of the villages of Gilan
Enclosed in the forest

Chesli Waterrfall

The village is completely forests and pristine. Houses are scattered and garden houses. A fishing pool is built along the Chesley River.
The Chesley Waterfall is small but very beautiful

Olasbanga countryside

Olsbaneh is a summer paradise in the south of Masal. A trip to this beautiful village on the high mountains of Talesh will give you an unparalleled experience of combining the heavens and the earth.


....Imagine the feeling

Standing a top hill, clouds are so close that you can touch.

Imagine the thrill of hiking or trekking that calls you to explore forests, across canals and climb hills.

Experience the meditative serenity of night camp surrounded by the orchestra of waterfall and nocturnal beings.