The Hotel Yadd Hotel was named in the name of Yadd in 1307, and was built by Hajj Abdul Khaleq for transportation of goods and hospitality. This collection was continued until the year 1372 with the same title. In 1380, with the preservation of the traditional architecture, the building was restored by the descendants of Mussan and Hajj Mohammad Hassan, and was commissioned in 2007 as the four star hotel. The Yazd hotel is located in the old city texture, which provides easy access to historical monuments such as the Zoroastrian Temple and the Amir Chamgaq complex. The hotel has 2 positive floors and a negative floor, with 88 rooms and suites spread out on the ground floor and first. The rooms on the negative floor also have a courtyard and the courtyard is connected by the steps to the hotel’s central courtyard. The traditional architecture of the arches and arches of the hotel’s brick and courtyard, Yazd, along with modern amenities, will provide a vibrant experience of tranquility and comfort for the guests.

13 پاسخ در “DAD HOTEL IN YAZD

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