Iran Nomad Tribes Tour in 15 Days

Nomadic life style and nomad tribes are one of the unique and rare types of living that are still preserved in a handful parts of the world, among them Iran.

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Iran Nomad Tribes Tour in 15 Days

Tehran > Shiraz > Isfahan > Tehran

Day 1

Location: Tehran

Arrival to Imam International Airport, meet an assist by your tour guide. Transfer to Hotel.

Overnight: Tehran

Day 2

Location: Tehran

Tehran palaces tour; includes: Golestan Palace, Saad Abad Palace and Niavaran Palace.
Flight to Shiraz in the evening.

Overnight: Shiraz

Day 3

Location: Location: Shiraz – Firuzabad -112 KM

This tour; includes (Start Nomadic Tribes in Iran):  Travel by road to Firuzabad to visit Ardashir Palace, Dokhtar Castle, Qashqai Carpet Weaving.

Overnight stay: Tent

Day 4

Location: Firuzabad

This tour; includes:  Haygher Canyon which is located at Firuzabad South West (35 KM), and living with the tribe.

Overnight stay: Tent

Day 5

Location: Firuzabad-Parishan Lake -198 KM

 This tour; includes:   Khergheh Canyon and leaving for Parishan Lake.

Overnight stay: Tent

Day 6

Location: Parishan Lake-Bishapur

This tour; includes: Anahita Temple, Bishapur Museum, Tang Chogan Relives and Bishapur Cave.

Overnight stay: Tent

Day 7

Location: Bishapur-Kotal-e Pireh Zan-Dashte Barm -44 KM by road

This tour; includes: Traveling along with the tribes via Kotal-e Pireh Zan and Dashte Barm.

Overnight stay: Tent

Day 8

Location: Dashte Barm-Kotale Dokhtar – 14 KM by road

This tour; includes: Traveling along with the tribes, passing Kotale Dokhtar.

Overnight stay: Tent

Day 9

Location: Shiraz

Shiraz city tour includes: Walking to Shahcheragh Holly Shrine, Jame Mosque, Nasir Almolk Mosque, Narenjestan House & Garden, Zinat Almolk House & Museum.

Overnight stay: Shiraz


Day 10

Location: Shiraz

Shiraz city walking- tour includes: Shahcheragh Holly Shrine, Jame Mosque, Nasir Almolk Mosque, Narenjestan House & Garden, Zinat Almolk House & Museum.

Overnight: Shiraz

Day 11

Location: Shiraz

Eco tour; includes:  Bamu National Park which is located at North of Shiraz (43 KM) and is very attractive during spring time with different flower and plants species.

Overnight stay: Shiraz


Day 12

Location: Shiraz-Yasuj (179 KM by road)
Drive to Yasuj.

This tour; includes:  Dena Protected Area which is located at Yasuj North and is a mountainous region with many water springs during good weather.

Overnight stay: Yasuj


Day 13

Location: Yasuj-Isfahan (329KM by road)
Drive to Isfahan

 This tour; includes:  Mehr Gerd, Shahreza, going sightseeing and shopping for the Nomadic products

Overnight stay: Isfahan


Day 14

Location: Isfahan

Isfahan city tour; includes: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Khomeini Mosque (former Shah Mosque), Sheikh Lofollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Chehelsotoon Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace & Garden

Overnight stay: Isfahan

Day 15

Location: Isfahan-Tehran (410 KM by road)

. On the way to visit Abyane Village, and Kashan city historical places

Transfer to IKA International Airport for departure flight to home on 15th day

Experience the dream journey with us

We plan to host the best tour of you in Iran for only 15 days and enjoy the attractions of Iran. The security and relaxation of your trip is our goal

15 days

An unforgettable experience far from crowds and everyday rush in the countryside accompanying which offers a close contact with nature and people, with their culture, wisdom, customs and habits.

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