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About Itinerary

In Iran nature tour, you will get familiar with Iran environment, Iran unique nature and lots of Iran ecology. So that will make you enjoy of Iran hiking. Also, Iran is an ancient country with historical and cultural attractions that the antiquity refers back to the age old years. Moreover, you can visit Iran attractions in our Iran holiday packages depending on your interests. Therefore, Iran Nature Tour package is an appropriate and exclusive choice for people who are in favor of culture and original nature. In addition, by choosing the tour package; can observe Iran culture, Iran nature, Iran cuisine and Iran handicraft attractions. So, this Iran trip remains in your mind and memories as a memorable and unforgettable journey. 

Day wise Itinerary

day 1


Iran Hotel

Arrival to Imam International Airport, meet an assist by your tour guide. Also, transfer to Hotel. If time permits, add Tehran half-day tour too.

day 2



Tehran palaces tour; includes: Golestan Palace, Saad Abad Palace and Niavaran Palace.

day 3


qasre bahram karevansara

Tehran-Garmsar (125 KM) Garmsar tour; includes: Qasr-e Bahram caravanserai, Great Salt Lake which we follow alongside. Also, passing waterholes and Siah Kuh Mountains where we might watch the elusive wild antelopes. So, that is to the ruins of 400 years old Royal Sefid Abad Hunting Castle and from there to lonely Sefid Ab park ranger station.

day 4


salt lake kashan

Garmsar-Kashan (263 KM) Eco tour; includes: Driving across edge of Great Salk Lake passing scenery with huge sand dunes stopping at Marenjab Caravanserai.

day 5



Kashan-Qamsar (42 KM) Kashan city tour; includes: Fin Gardens, Tabatabayis House, Broojerdis House, Agha Bozorg Mosque & School plus Sotan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse.

day 6


karkas mountion

Qamsar tour; includes: Visiting the village with rosewater production area at the heart of Karkas Mountain.

day 7

Matinabad Desert

matinabad desert

Qamsar-Matinabad (92 KM) Abyaneh tour; includes: Meeting people with traditional and colorful costumes. So, getting familiar with Abyaneh intact architecture, old houses and wooden doors.

day 8



MatinAbad-Abyaneh (58 KM) Abyaneh tour; includes: Meeting people with traditional and colorful costumes. Also, getting familiar with Abyaneh intact architecture, old houses and wooden doors.

day 9


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Abyaneh-Natanz-Isfahan (121 KM) Natanz tour; includes: Visiting Jame Mosque, ruin of Fire Temple and Ceramics Workshops. In Isfahan visit nice old bridges 33 Arc and Khajoo.

day 10


Iran Highlights

Isfahan city tour; includes: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Khomeini Mosque (former Shah Mosque). Sheikh Lofollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Chehelsotoon Palace, Vank Cathedral.

day 11



Isfahan-Kuh Rang River-Dimeh (205 KM) Eco tour; includes: Driving to Feridunshahr, visiting settlements of Bakhtiari Nomads like Maydanak to Chelgerd. Also, from there we make a trekking excursion to Spring of Kuhe Rang River. Then, after return we drive a few kilometers to Dimeh in the nomad country.

day 12



Dimeh-Shahrekord (83 KM) Eco tour; includes: Visiting Bakhtiari nomads in settlements and black tents in the breathtaking scenery of Kuh Rang. Kuhe Zard Mountain regions passing Shahryari, Samsami and Juneqan where we visit the Sardar Asad Bakhtiari castle.

day 13


yasuj vilege

Shahrekord-Yasuj (267 KM) Eco tor; includes: Driving via Shalamzar to beautiful Choghkor Lake. Also, from there through lovely mountain scenery with nomads, shepherds and small settlements via Gandoman. Javanmardi, to Sendegan Spring and continue through impressive Zagros Mountains to Yasuj.

day 14


yasuj persian lacke

Yasuj-Parishan Lake (175 KM) Eco tour; includes: Driving through area with Mamasani nomad settlements. Then, continue to Parishan Lake, one of the few Sweetwater lakes in central Iran. This belongs to the area of Qashqai Nomads. Also, Bishapour tour; includes: Anahita Temple, Bishapoor Museum, Tang Chogan Relives and Bishapur Cave.

day 15


Maharlu lacke

Parishan Lake-Shiraz (133 KM) Driving to Shiraz; on the way visiting Dasht Arjan. Also, eco tour; includes: Arjan Protected Area (Dasht Arjan or Arjan Plain), which is located at Shiraz West (60 KM). Finally, Dasht Arjan is one of the most beautiful geological phenomena in the world. And also, have a visit to natural and historical Tang Chogan near Bishapour ancient city.

day 16



Shiraz city walking- tour includes: Nasir Almolk Mosque, Narenjestan House & Garden, Zinat Almolk House & Museum. Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bathhouse and Karim Khan Citadel with Eram garden and Hafez Tomb.

day 17


Iran beauty places

Persepolis tour; includes: Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) and Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rustam). Pasargadae plus Ghoran Gate and Khajoo.

day 18


Iran Inexpensive Hotel

Transfer to the airport for departure international flight.





Included services:

  • 17 night accommodation with breakfast
  • Best 4/5 star hotels
  • Iran visa number (FOC)
  • Knowledgeable English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Half board meals
  • Airport transfers
  • Private sedan car with driver
  • Driver-guide's meals and accommodation
  • Family Dinner (FOC)

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At Iran Nature Tour package, you receive 17 day Iran tour which starts from Tehran and ends by visiting 12 other destination in Iran. Also, this package includes accommodation, guide, foods, transfer and transportation, Iran visa and etc.







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Iran Nature Tour


Covering a total distance of approx 2,066 km.
  • Tehran (Iran)240 km
  • Rasht (Iran)55km
  • Masuleh (Iran)133km
  • Qazvin (Iran)286 km
  • Kashan (Iran)358 km
  • Yazd (Iran)308 km
  • Shiraz (Iran)347 km
  • Isfahan (Iran)339 km
  • Tehran (Iran)