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Persian culture is unknown and dumb in most people aspect view, but when you get familiar with this culture, will discover somethings you get surprised. Iran people are really hospitality and kind, Iran's attraction will always remain in your mind. From Cyrus and Darius to the kings of Pahlavi delight you for centuries of civilization and beauty all of you in Iran will delight you. Iran original areas are still strange and recognizable for other counties people. Iran trip gives you this opportunity to find out Iran's beauty.

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Iranians are Extremely Hospitable

You can see it everywhere – from shy smiles, to curious questions about where you’re from, Iranians are welcoming to visitors and are generally happy to see travelers coming.

In traditional hotels and houses, they’ll treat you like family and you might even be invited for a homemade meal, just from a person on the street!

No wonder Couchsurfing is so popular there. I haven’t tried Couchsurfing in Iran myself, but have heard the only potential ‘threat’ is that a host might be too friendly and might want to accompany you everywhere.

Iran is a safe Travel Destination

No matter what your nationality or religion, you’ll be perfectly fine. Don’t cause conflicts and follow the local rules and you have nothing to worry about.

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IT’S Inexpensive to travel around iran

You can book hotels easily and find reasonable rstaurants for food, book local tickets, buy whatever you want as souvenir and etc. with cheap price and won’t need to spend alot money in this country to enjoy bests of intertainemts and fun.

Iran Is Developed And Advanced

The infrastructure in Iran runs smoothly and people are well educated. Of course the people you’ll speak to will be mostly those with a good level of English, but that’s quite a big part of the young educated population.

IRAN Has Been Islamic For Only 1300 Years

Ok, 1300 years does sound like a long time. But the Persian culture shaped throughout the times of Persian Empire was not lost, rather absorbed into Iran’s Islam.

It is therefore a bit different to regimes in the neighboring countries, not only because Iran’s population is predominantly made of Shiite Muslims.

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Iranians Are So Diverse – You Can Even Meet Green-Eyed People!

There are many ethnic groups living in Iran. You can see representatives of nomadic tribes and of the neighboring countries who have fully assimilated and become Iranians.

You’ll be amazed by the big bright blue or green eyes of many!

Women Have A Certain Level of Freedom

In fact, many households are ruled by women. Mothers have the upper hand at home while outside, it’s the men. This dynamic seems to work quite well for Iran.

Iranians Are Proud of Their Nation

Persia has a long history and Iranians carry a lot of national pride in them.

Some people you’ll meet might be critical to certain past or present representatives, but the overall feel you’ll get is that they are proud to be Iranian.

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Iran is no. 1 nation for picnics

You’ve never seen anything like it! Any patch of grass, or actually even a concrete sidewalk, is an ideal picnic spot!

People roll out a persian carpet, get out flasks with tea and some snacks and their favorite pastime is on! Some even bring gas stoves and actually cook their meals.

If you’re in Esfahan, walk around the Imam Square in late afternoon, you’ll see many locals sitting down for a picnic with family or friends. If you’re lucky, you might even be invited to one.

iranians are very family -oriented

Love of family emanates from Iranians like from no other nation you’ve visited. Perhaps it’s also because they don’t use strollers much, so they carry their young ones in their arms.

You can often encounter parents or grandparents cuddling their babies and it really seems like family is in the center of the universe for them

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iranians don't eat out very much

Iranians traditionally eat most of their meals at home (or on a picnic), with a work lunch occasionally taken at a street stand.

If you stay at a traditional house instead of a hotel, you can taste the real homemade cuisine that’s so sought after!