Iran Classic Tour

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Iran Classic Tour

Tehran >  Shiraz >  Yazad >  Isfahan > Tehran

Day 1

Arrival at IKA airport, meet and greet with our agent based on the arrival time and transfer to the hotel 

  • One more day will be booked from day before if early check in is needed. 
  • The city tour will be added if the time allows. 

 Overnight: Tehran

Day 2

After breakfast at 9:00 a.m. you will start Tehran excursion by visiting the national museum of Iran (archeological and Islamic arts), Carpet Museum and Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage).

In the afternoon visit Grand Bazaar and do shopping if you want. Then transfer from the hotel to Mehrabad Airport for taking flight around 9:00 p.m. Transfer from Shahid Dastgheyb Airport to hotel.

Day 3

Shiraz city tour starts with Nasirol Molk Mosque, walking tour to Zandiyeh Complex, the traditional bazaar, Zinatol Molk House, Narenjestan Palace, and Great Tombs of Poets Hafez and Saadi.

Day 4

Drive around 5 hours to Yazd in the early morning. En-route visit Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage) and Necropolis. Dowlat Abad Garden (UNESCO World Heritage) will be seen in Yazd too.

Day 5

Yazd excursion to the Tower of Silence and Fire Temple, Alexander Prison and old and traditional bazaar plus Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Jame Mosque

Day 6

 Drive around 4 hours to Isfahan. En the route Naein can be seen. In Isfahan visit Chehelsoton Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), Hashtbehesht palaces and gardens, Vank Cathedral and nice old Bridges 33-Arc and Khajoo.

Day 7

Full day Isfahan starts at 9:00 a.m. and visiting Jame Mosque, the monuments surrounding the vast Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage) including Ali Qapu Pavilion, Shaikh Lutfollah Mosque, Jame Abbasi Mosque (Imam) and the monumental entrance to Qayssarieh Bazaar

Day 8

Drive around 5 hours toward Tehran, En route visit the nice village of Abyaneh. The old nice houses of Tabatabee and houses, Soltan Ahmad Bathhouse, Agha Bozorg Mosque and Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heitage) in Kashan.

Day 9

Transfer directly from Tehran to IKA based on departure flight time

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