Chabahar has mild tropical climate with hot, humid summers and warm weather winters. It is considered the warmest place in Iran during the winter and the hotest port in southern Iran during the summer

The Best Important Things To Do While Arriving In chabahar

Martian Mountains

Mud Volcano

Lipar Wetland

Top foods to try

Shodoudeh- A dish made by adding sesame and almond slivers to fried dates

Khorak-e Khorma- A term referred to a variety of dishes in which dates are the main ingredient

Seafood- As Chabahar is a fishing port city seafood dishes are extremely popular

Ban misti Caves

the complexes are located 5 km northwest of the Tis village on the hillside of Shahbazband Mountains near Chabahar

Miniature mountains

These mountains are from the spectacular views of Chabahar along the coast from the Cacho area to the Gate of Bay and are considered to be morphological phenomena in this area

Goether port

At the end of the southeastern part of Iran, Goether is located at the last point of the border of Chabahar and the contact with the Pakistan border, a small, old and important port; called Goether.

Lipar wetland

The Lipar wetland is located along the coastal road of Chabahar to Goether on the coast of Oman. This lagoon is located in the gorge and rocky hills overlooking the mountain. In the wetland, the waters of the Oman Sea are stationary

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